About Me

I am Claudia. Also known as CTBaker.

And these are my people.

You came to this page because I'm assuming you wanted to learn more "About me". Well...

I am a believer in God's promises.

I am a wife to someone I adore.

I am the mother of three precious boys.

I am inspired by my mother.

I am a Junior Leaguer.

I am a Speech Therapist by trade.

I am now a business owner at CB Vivid.

I am sometimes called Oprah or Claud.

I have the best girlfriends...EVER.

I have a passion for the south.

I have a fondness for matchy-matchy.

I have all the Ds - LD-ADD-OCD-A(nxiety)D.

I have 3 brothers.

I love COLOR.

I love the sky in October.

I love laughing.

I love to entertain.

I love sweet tea and Mexican food.

I love Beautycounter and Barre3.

I love to design...just. about. anything.

I love to misuse commas, ellipses, and the fancy parentheses { }.

I live in "The Acres".

I count my blessings daily.

And I hope you stop by often.

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  1. Deborah McKinney2:52 PM

    You look gorgeous! And your boys are GORGEOUS! God has truly blessed you... Love the blog.


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