Sunday, November 05, 2017

The Scream Mask...Where Trick or Treaters go to Die

Y'all have heard me preach my love for all things costume and Halloween. I have to say I get it honestly. Once upon a time my mom used us as her guinea pigs when she wanted to stitch random materials together and make a costume. And when I say stitch random things together, I mean like the time I stood there being encased in carpet padding, morphing into Gumby. It was like something you would see behind the scenes of a movie. Or remember the movie Splash with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah?

Well, there was the time she hand stitched a mermaid costume to my body, and I had to hop to trick-or-treat. But I loved every minute of the insanity, and she won the contests!

1985-ish...brilliance by my mom.

Over the last 15 Halloweens, since Sam was born, I've whipped up most of our/their costumes. There were a few years where creativity and time were lacking, and I had to purchase costume pieces {gasp!}, but I was still able to pull off something thematic-ish with fun makeup and hair. 'Cause I love a theme, ya know.

2009-2013: The Mad Scientist, Igor, and Zombie - Cowboys and their pony - Mummies - Zombie Football Team - Fungus Zombie (super fun to make!), Dracula, and Grim Reaper

And then it happened.

Halloween 2014

Sam: "Mom, I just want to wear a scream mask."

Me: "I'm sorry, what? Did you say a Scream Mask?" {Tears. Runs and locks self in room.}

I'd be lying if I said I didn't beg him not to.

But I gave in. I set my son free!

Free to be the Scream jeans. I knew this could only lead to one thing...they're all gonna want store-bought now.

Then, right before my eyes...

Halloween 2015

It had spread. My first all-store-bought-uncreative Halloween since 2002. And The Scream Mask started it all.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...

Halloween 2016

I was officially down one trick-or-treater and my favorite holiday of the year was crashing down around me, like a thoughtless, themeless, uncreative, and random tornado. I was bewildered and posted this on Facebook at 5am the next morning.

But I was hanging in there with the other 2, clinging to the hope of next year.

Halloween 2017

This can't be happening.

The Scream jeans emerges again. This time claiming Fulton. I know it won't be long before he shares with me that he doesn't want to trick-or-treat anymore either.

But there's one more! Hopefully, I've got a few years left with Oliver, before he utters those fateful words, "I just want to wear the Scream Mask."

In the meantime, with all creativity crushed and shattered, what's a Halloween-lovin' mom to do?

Old-School Trolls

Take it out on her husband, of course! {Don't let him fool you. I think he secretly loves it.}

So beware when your kids say they want to wear the Scream Mask. It's really the beginning of the end.

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