Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer 2017 Edition of "Have You Ever?"

Have you ever...

left your 14 year-old son for dead in the middle of the NC mountains, in a cabin straight out of Deliverance, at an all-girls camp to work on the kitchen staff, with one of his best buddies from birth?

 Facetime with Sambo at Camp Glenn-Arden, where he spent 2 weeks on the kitchen staff. I may or may not have cried when I dropped him off. SO thank God for Facetime!

 Sam and Harper's cabin...can you hear the banjo music?

Sam-Sam the dish-washin' man.

Sam and his buddy Harper who got him into this mess. 😉  But he came out with a pretty good paycheck and a solid skill set in the kitchen.

been in awe of a God-wink straight from Heaven?

Long story, short... At Worship Week Camp, Fulton was asked to sing a verse from one of my favorite praise songs, which happened to also be Robin's favorite and was played at her funeral. I have no doubt in my mind that she had something to do with that song selection for Fulton and I was so happy to have Carson standing right there with me.

In my last post I mentioned that it had been kind of an "off" summer. I've struggled to juggle it all - working from home, entertaining the boys, and taking care of the house, all while Shan has been traveling. My prayer each day is to "be signing when the evening comes." Most nights my singing sounds more like a sigh of relief that I survived another day. But in my heart I'm singing!

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord Oh My Soul)

And Oliver couldn't have made a more precious Blues Brother in his skit!

had a night that you didn't want to end, because it meant saying goodbye to someone you've loved a very long time?

You'll have to read it here on Facebook, because I don't want to start crying again.





reconnected with childhood friends for a wedding weekend and automatically turned back into a 12 year-old girl?

I love friends who are more like family and the fun weddings that go along with them! We had an amazing weekend in Charleston with two of my oldest friends, Christine and Dawn, and Christine's family.


had a Snapchat filter ease your pain until the meds kicked in?
Chronic Daily Headaches (it's a real thing...look it up) are not for sissies!!!

gone to an abandoned mall to ride the escalators and run the halls on a hot, rainy, summer day in Columbia, SC?


had a little red table that you purchased from the preschool where your boys went, and they have all out grown it, but you just can't get rid of it because they still like to sit there?
They literally eat breakfast and lunch here everyday.

had a little boy who brings the party be in so much pain that you will stop at nothing to find out what is wrong...even if it makes you look like the Munchausen By Proxy mom?
Another long story... basically what started out as a sinus infection, turned into a hellacious cough, that caused excruciating middle of the night headaches for this guy, and landed us in the ER and Dr.'s office a few times and then a brain MRI. We are happy to report that according to our family friend who is a neurologist that Fulton has a very healthy and "fluffy" 11 year-old brain. I am not happy to report that he still has his horrible cough 3 1/2 weeks later and that he has passed it on to me and Sam!

used your phone-a-friend to get picked up a block from your house and be taken to urgent care, during a run, in the middle of a summer day, because your heart-rate was 2,000,000 BPM, only to find out it was an exercise-induced panic attack and you were a little dehydrated?
Can't make it up. Discuss amongst yourselves.

jumped the batteries for two stranded motorists in one week - one of whom is a dear friend on a conference call for a meeting that both of you are supposed to be at, while you have bronchitis and are seeking mechanical assistance from YouTube and your "back-up husband" on the phone because your husband is out of town and her husband is in the middle of a deposition - and the other motorist is a stranger at gas station who caused you to miss your movie time?
Mandy will kill me for posting this. But it's amazing the lengths we'll go to for our fellow Junior Leaguers!

Funny tidbit...we both have the same car and neither of us knew how to open the hood. I had to watch a YouTube. 😳

had to call the FAPD because a lady with a husky on a leash comes into your yard repeatedly to "play with your dog", even though you've asked her not to, and then your dog eventually gets attacked...just as you thought he would?
#BadArnold is his nickname for fun, but he is really a great dog and I felt so sorry for him. But y'all it sounded like Call of the freakin Wild outside in my front yard. Poor buddy was pinned under the shrubs yelping. 😢

taken your children to be tested for Whooping Cough because nothing is helping this cough and it's been in your house for almost a month?
Just got the call...NO WHOOPING COUGH! Praise for small victories.

had a summer that sent you on a trip to the grocery store, that makes it look like you just broke up with your boyfriend?

But seriously. Have you...EVER?

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