Monday, May 08, 2017

I was on a roll...

Roller coaster is more like it. But not like a scary, bad roller coaster. More like the Scooby-Doo roller coaster for kids. You know, with a long straight-away and then an unexpected belly-dropping dip and then back up a little hill for another dip to add some excitement! Enough to keep you entertained but not too overwhelmed.

So I last left you with the story of our AMAZING current state of athletics in SC. But before that and until now, there's been SO MUCH more!

 Man-up-to-the-Barre date night with some awesome peeps at Barre3 Columbia

 The Tree-Condo that has almost ruined our marriage that Shan is determined to build for his boys. Which I'm pretty sure it'll turn into my she-shed or his man-cave because they will all be in college by the time he finishes.

 When this sent us...


 The intervention that I had to have with the teen-alien who lives upstairs and who I have failed miserably. 

 I am praying for his wife daily...well, actually praying that he finds one. 😳
(An aside...the drawers are fully functioning. He just likes them open so he can "see his stuff". And please note overflowing trash can in the reflection of the mirror. #cannotdeal #thisiswhyGodmadeXanax)

 There was a trip to the Aiken Steeplechase...

 With good friends!
Clearly it was very bright and and the glare was terrible because I couldn't open my eyes in either picture.

 Lord give me strength...they like to gamble.

 A fun night out with my lifelong bestie on Daniel Island... 

to see NeedtoBreathe

 An awful April Fools joke played by Sam and Fulton
 "MOM!!!! I accidentally slammed his head in the door..." (at nighttime the blood looked really real.)

 A super fun baby shower for my sweet cousin

 A field trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame

 A fabulous long weekend in Hilton Head for Spring Break

 It was all fun and games until...

all this...

 turned into this. It was a shortened trip due to Shan's stomach bug, (which he later shared with me) and Sam's strep throat. Good times!

 I got lights on my patio! It has now become my new favorite retreat!!! Thanks Shan!

 I taught my boys a good ol' southern past bean snappin'. #BadArnold even got in on all the action.

My childhood friend, Dawn and her husband came to town and we enjoyed catching up over dinner with our boys. Her son Jack and Oliver are close in age and hit it off instantly. Love seeing friendships come full-circle.

 I have taken on the role of Board Manager for Junior League for 2017-18 and was in charge of organizing our weekend planning retreat. Board Manager essentially means...

I'm Ms. Garrett from The Facts of Life.


We set fire to the left over Easter PEEPS for a cross between Creme Brûlée and old fashioned roasted marshmallows. FAB!

 Oliver may or may not have a fire fettish.

Love my patio. Y'all gotta come sit with me!

 There've been a few good girls nights...

This group could be the cast of Bad Moms 2 and...

then there just might be a t-shirt in the works for this group. 🔥  Love them all!

I always like to do an Easter post because it's such a GLORIOUS day and it didn't seem to fit in here. So stay tuned for a Very Baker Easter. 

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