Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Easter 2017

With all the End-of-the-School-Year activities and Summer just around the corner, I don't want to fall behind again. It's always difficult to weave a missed-post in here when life is coming at us so fast.

Any who...

Here's my Easter recap.

The week prior to Easter was filled with Spring Break fun and our traditional egg-dying. But now, egg-dying with the boys is a sight to behold. Long gone are the days of making brightly colored masterpieces and signing their names and drawing crosses with the white crayon to personalize their eggs. Dying eggs was a major process when they were super little. Not just avoiding spills and cracked eggs, but picking the next color and the pressing decision of whether or not to do striped or tie-dyed eggs. It would eat up at least an hour and a half of a spring afternoon. Now...

This is what egg-dying looks like with 3 boys...14, 11, and 8.

Warning: Pinterest moms should probably close their eyes.

 Uuuummmm...they like yellow, green, and diarrhea. 

 Or camo?

 I've got an idea! Let's mix all the colors together and make eggs that look like poop! -Oliver (8)


The aftermath.

And Easter morning was glorious, as always, as we celebrated a risen Lord at St. John's. Easter service fills me with all things good...restored hope, renewal of faith, and a deeper, greater love for Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice. I love that each year my boys "get it" a little bit more. It's an abstract concept to teach children - even when they've been hearing the story their whole lives. Questions are fewer and farther between as the little light bulbs are all firing in their heads. It's a good feeling as a parent.

After church, we enjoyed a tasty lunch with family at our house. And sadly, it was the first year that no one wanted to do an egg hunt. 😢  (Sniff.) This whole thing with the boys getting older is H-A-R-D!!!

 Squinty Easter family

Love a good Snap filter

 And love that these boys still love their Easter baskets

 Arnold loved his Easter basket too!

 Pretty boy!

A man in a (my) apron... Now that's hot!

 Sisters 💖

Nothin' says Hallelujah like a risen Jesus and Banana Puddin'

 Who knows?

My biggest baby

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