Friday, February 17, 2017

Oh Hey Friday! | 4 on Friday and a Flashback

{24 Valentine's Days}

You know what's cool about my Valentine? He doesn't give a rip about Valentine's Day and neither do I. I mean, we like to acknowledge the occasion and exchange a small memento - card...candy, because it's just fun to celebrate something...right? But we are definitely not the go-all-outers or anything.

We used to be! But then we both realized that we get a heck of a lot more mileage out of the random acts of affection than commercially pressured holidays. Shan knows I love him more than air and that I'll always look at him with heart eyes 😍 . And he especially knows that anytime he agrees to wear a costume... Well, we all know how I am about costumes and nothing says love like a grown man in a Jon-Jon. So the love is there!

And although he's a man of few words and I sometimes wonder if he's alive, he will occasionally surprise me. This year he actually did! He got me 2 dozen baby pink roses to commemorate our 24th Valentine's Day together! 💘  LOVE!

I made him some of my world-famous Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

And here I am taking it all the way back to 1993...our very first Valentine's Day together! Maybe there was a ghost in the room or maybe I was contemplating going goth? Either way, I can't figure that look very white.

And of course the Valentine Chicken made a pit-stop to see the boys! The frosted sugar cookies from Silver Spoon...OH MY WORD. And those boys love an iTunes gift card! (If you've been coming here a while, you know we have the ridiculously made-up tradition of the Valentine's Chicken all because of my Kindergarten teacher and then my mom and I who have kept it going for 37 years. Out of control.)


No body likes boundaries, but everyone needs them! Friends, parents, grandparents, and especially the kids. Our Sunday School class has been reading this...

and it's really good. I suggest you grab a copy or ask your church to add this to the upcoming studies. Or better yet, come join us anytime! We'll be covering the book over the next 6 weeks. Any's got me really looking forward to class each week because it is so relevant right now. 


Has the blog even met Arnold???? I don't think so!
OMGeeeeeee! So last April we went to an annual event called The Golf Ball. It's an auctiony event where the goal is to get you to drink more-spend more. Well, 4 cocktails, 1 - $25 raffle ticket, and a 5 gallon drum that said "puppy" on it later...we came home with a dog. 

Here we are just a normal dogless couple and then here we are getting our world rocked! Of all the tickets in that bucket who the heck would have thought we'd actually win.
I mean we had been wanting a dog. Me, more like another dachshund and Shan had really been wanting a lab, but not a lab first. We screwed that up that night. We came home with a 6 week old yellow lab who was appropriately named Arnold Palmer. He has since then become a social media sensation donning the hashtag #BadArnold.

So really long story short - follow his hashtag on Facebook and Instagram - so you can see why he got that hashtag!

Any who, he had to be sent away to "camp". He was in St. Matthews, SC at Beaver Creek Kennels...where bad dogs go to die. Not really, know what I mean. We got him back and he's been home almost 2 weeks and he's SO much better. He'll always be #BadArnold, but he's more like #BetterArnold now. Look at my shweet boy! Who's sleepy?

{French Pressin'}

We are fancy, y'all! In one of my scary convos with Shan about the havoc that the K-cups are wreaking on the environment and our bodies with all their chemicals, I convinced him to go French Press. I don't think he's ever going back to traditional coffee making or K-cups. All those parts inside your coffee maker get corroded with funk and they are all made of plastic. So don't be like...oh well we still use a coffee maker...because it's all gross.  

It's amazing how much different the coffee tastes. I'm not even a coffee person, but I notice a huge difference. It doesn't have a plastic after taste! It's amazing. And it makes mornings feel super fancy!

Go get one!

{Flashback Friday} 

I really don't have a 5th thing to mention and since I have taken such a huge hiatus I feel like my blog has missed a lot of our lives! So I'm gonna throw in a flashback...

My flashback this week is to last summer when wise guy Sam thought it'd be funny to change my name in my phone and wouldn't tell me how to change it back! 😂  Every time I'd ask Siri something she'd say "Sure Huge Anus! I'll..." We still laugh so hard that we cry! I finally figured it out and have a regular name. But sometimes I secretly wish Siri would still call me Huge Anus because it was hysterical. Especially in public!

Happy Friday!

"Huge Anus"

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