Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Funny Memory...Just in Time

Today I'm thanking Facebook for a funny memory...just in time!

My heart has been a little heavy the last few days, as I realized that we are only a few days away from the six-month mark since we lost Robin. She was my neighbor and closest friend, and I still cannot believe that it has been six months since I have seen her.

Our days were packed with hilarious, nowhere phone conversations that were frequently cut short because someone more important was beeping in...and she wasn't afraid to tell you that. Our days were also filled with great dysfunction! Whether it was the cops showing up for false alarms, Carson's third-world illnesses, or the Baker boys having to get stitches while Robin was babysitting, there was always dysfunction!

Just in the nick of time, this morning Facebook reminded me of one of the funniest events of my entire life. I have NEVER laughed so hard and for so long...after the fact, that is. I have always wanted to tell this story on this blog but I'm afraid it won't translate well if it's transcribed. I've also wondered if I should video the story. But without an audience, I'm afraid it will lose the luster. So I'm going to do the best I can... grab a glass of wine and have a seat!

Wonder-twin powers activate!

And finally the most bizarre poster advocating hand washing I've ever seen...on the wall in a hospital bathroom!!!

Thanks for hanging and I hope you got a good chuckle!



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