Friday, January 08, 2016

First Oh hey, Friday! of 2016

I love an Oh hey, Friday! post to get my blogging mojo going again.

So here we are. Happy New Year! In my opinion, New Year's resolutions are for the birds. They just set me up for disappointment and the other F-bomb. Failure. And after the undocumented personal challenges I faced in 2015, the last thing I need is more disappointment! 
So I'm dedicating this post to the top 5 things I'm looking forward to most in 2016!

Ukulele lessons. I've been asking for a uke for a while. And this year I got one for Christmas. A red one! They're inexpensive and I've heard they're fairly easy to learn to play. My friend Mary Lynn and her hubby own a music studio locally and both of my boys have taken from them. They are starting an adult Sip & Strum class and I cannot wait!!! Contact me if you want to get in on the action.

Disney! This past November was two years since we first went to Disney as a family. We are fortunate enough to have Shan's parents treat us to a second visit to see "The Mouse" in less than a week. I think there's even greater excitement this time among my boys because they know exactly what to expect. They're already talking about what's on their lists of must-dos. 
This time we'll be going to Magic Kingdom and MGM again and adding Animal Kingdom and Universal to our agenda. I've heard great things about both and we've already started counting down the days!

Hello from the other side!!! I'm pretty sure Shan catapulted himself to "Husband of the Year" on Christmas Day. To put it mildly, I'm obsessed with Adele. Even way back when she first came out I was impressed by her effortless range and the quality of her voice. The lyrics of her songs tell wonderful stories and to top it all off, she's a classy, decent person.
Any who. When we found out about her new 25 tour in 2016, I knew we had to try to get tickets. With 6 devices between the 2 of us, trying to get tickets seemed like it wouldn't be a problem. After 15 minutes they were all sold out. I texted Shan and told him I had no such luck. He told me he didn't either and I sulked for days. Until!!! Christmas morning when he surprised with tickets! To say I fell apart is an understatement. He had a 3% chance of getting them! Unbelievable!!! So we're headed to Adele in ATL in October. Whoop!

The loo. As you've heard many times, I'm the Queen of my castle! I've always been surrounded by boys. That also means sharing bathrooms with boys. It's no secret that boys and girls treat the potty very differently. While a gas station type bathroom doesn't even phase most men, it can certainly send most women over the edge. 
We live in a vintage house with 3 vintage bathrooms. We don't even have a master bathroom. Our bathroom is the tiny  downstairs hall bathroom that we share with guests {and our boys when they're too lazy to walk upstairs to theirs}. It's been making me crazy for 12 years! I've begged Shannon to add on and he's finally agreed to get it going in 2016!   

Leadership training. I'm VERY excited about the opportunity to attend the Leadership Summit for BEAUTYCOUNTER in February. Y'all, this company is chic and cutting edge, having the highest standards and quality ingredients in the personal care industry. I have never been a fan of direct sales. They've always been a turn off to me for several reasons. But I swear! This company is different and sells itself with their amazing, non-toxic, and high performing products. Once you sample the products and learn about what's in the products you have been using, you're hooked. I seriously don't have to do a THING. I wasn't able to attend the first Summit last year, and from what I have heard, it was something I didn't want to miss out on this year. I can't wait for a rockin' weekend with my BC girls!

That concludes my first Five on Friday for 2016. Be sure to follow the Friday fun...


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