Wednesday, October 01, 2014


What?!? October 2014? Where has this year gone?
Seriously, September flew by so quickly. We had a great month. It was super busy though. Shan continues to travel all the time, but I seem to manage as a single mom - someway, somehow.

Any who... I'm hoping to get back to blogging regularly this month because I feel like I have so much I need document for my boys. I may re-attempt the 31 days of writing challenge. I attempted it last year and failed miserably. So I may give it a go again.

Here's a little peek at our September...

We started off with Ver getting stitches. It was only a few, but pitiful nonetheless. I guess that's to be expected when you're gettin' down and dirty with your big brothers playing football.

It happened on the night that we were supposed to go to the Casting Crowns concert...and then this happened...

We were so star struck and flattered!

We celebrated number NINE for sweet Fulton. NINE?!?! I have mixed emotions about the fact that he didn't want a birthday party. Lawd knows I love throwing one. He opted for family time and a good buddy from school sleeping over and being his guest at the MARVEL Live show.


We also celebrated Shan's 40th Birthday "Better Late Than Never...This is 40" party. With all his traveling we couldn't swing it in August, so to say he was truly surprised is an understatement. His reaction was priceless. I'll post details later.

The Greek Festival! Need I say more?

The Gamecocks are in full swing this football season. Their performance has been kinda patchy. A few good wins and a couple of questionable losses. But my most favorite part of it all is tailgating, of course. So many fun friends and so much good food.

I finally took the time to paint the picture to go over Oliver's bed. It only took me a year and a half. Love his heart. He saw what I was doing and wanted to help. How could I say no? It turned out so cute and looks great over his bed. That's a blog post for later too!

While Fulton and Oliver are taking the fall off and saving their energy for a little tennis and basketball, Sambo is on a roll playing fall soccer. He did beautifully at goalie last weekend. And we all just love his new team!

All in all, looking back at our September, it was quite nice!

Stay tuned for my 31 Days of Writing... See Day 2 for more on how and why I'm finding the excitement in life!

{Day 1}

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