Friday, October 17, 2014

FIVE for Friday

In my 31 Day Writing Challenge to get more excited about life, I decided to center my FIVE on Friday post around just that.

I realize most people would look at my five and think "meh---{yawn} boring!" But I'm on this quest to find more excitement in the things that are right in front of family, my home, my new business, etc. So just try to appreciate from where I'm coming with this. It's a journey, ya know!

1. My New Dishwasher
Praise God is all I have to say! Our old dishwasher had been giving us a fit for months. We kept teetering back and forth on whether we should get a new one or just keep fixing the old one. Well, we got a new one! And got a ridonkulous the savings tune of about $300. That was part of the problem. The ones I liked were over-the-top expensive and I just kept waiting for the best deal to come along. And it did! This is one of my top faves!

2. My New Faucet
Ya know...when you've been in a house 11 years, all the updates you made when you moved in eventually start falling apart and it's time to update again! Same story as the dishwasher. Our kitchen faucet has annoyed me to no end for several months. It had gotten leaky and sometimes the sprayer would pop right off leaving me soaked and a flood to clean on the floor. No more my friends! My new faucet is on thanks to my handy hubby and I love it!

3. Column Progress
I may have posted months ago that we were in the market to replace our columns on our front porch. This is no inexpensive or easy undertaking...just so y'all know. The old ones came down in the early summer and Shan was determined to do them himself. But his work-travel schedule was determined for him NOT to do it. And if you know me, you know I'm completely obsessed with my front porch. It's a sickness, really. So to come home every single day to my "Sarah plain and tall" columns has really become the bane of my existence. Stupid, I know, when there are major problems in the world, but it drives me bonkers.
Any who...ya see that ladder up there on those plain columns in picture #4??? You can't tell, but that means there's progress going on. Yay, Shan!

1. center brace delivered, 2. & 3. old ones came down and braces went up, 4. columns have been wrapped with exterior wood and getting prepped for trim. 

4. Friday Night Lights
For many years {14-15 maybe?} Shan has been an official for SCISA high school sports. He absolutely loves it. Some men hunt. Some men play golf. Mine likes to ref. He does football and basketball season. And the worst part is...he gets paid to do it! Why is that the worst part? Because he has a hobby he loves and makes money doing it. Therefore, he'll never quit!
I have felt so lonely and bored on so many Friday nights, as I've never had much interest in going to the games. Now with budding football players, that's changed a little bit. Sam, Fulton and Oliver want in on the action! So instead of sitting at home bored...I came along for the ride and I am sitting in my tailgate chair, blogging from the end zone! We made a little hour road trip to get here and enjoyed some good family chit chat on the way. It's actually been quite enjoyable and I just might have a reason to get excited about Friday nights again!

5. Ready for a makeover?
So this whole Beautycounter business has me over-the-moon! I am thrilled to be a part of this company and I know it will be rewarding for me and my family. This week I am super excited about the debut of our cosmetics line that is coming out by the end of this month! Are y'all ready for a makeover for the holidays? I am! Here's little clip from WMagazine!

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