Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Exciting October

Y'all know what a fascination I have with October! So if I'm going to attempt to write for 31 days straight about getting excited about life, this is the best month to do it.

There's just something about October. The air smells fresher. The sky seems clearer. The nights are more cozy. The mornings are brisk. October just feels good.

This year in particular, we kicked off October with crisp cool temperatures. That, along with the beautiful October shade of blue in the sky, is enough to get me excited about the days ahead. It's simple, but that's really what I'm trying to focus on here - finding excitement in simplicity.

With fall in the air, it's like everyone has a little more pep. There are great excuses from football to apples to plan road trips. People decorate just for fall festivities. The beauty of the leaves changing is breathtaking in late October and there's pumpkin EVERYTHING in restaurants and stores!

Then there's the fair. You either love it or hate it. I LOVE IT! I won't eat the day before just to have one night of the most unhealthy splurges possible. {Then I won't eat the next day either because I'm ill, but it's all good.} Not to mention, how excited I get watching my boys navigate their way through the fair to their favorite rides.

October is also a very celebratory month for us, as we acknowledge many special birthdays...aunts, uncles, cousins, my nephew, several close friends, Sambo's, and ...MINE! I grew up a sucker for birthdays and will continue to be into my old age. Birthdays are a gift.

And then there's...Halloween! And oh.my.word., y'all! That takes me to a whole different level of excitement. At Halloween, all that I love about October is wrapped up in one night full of udder giddiness with preparing costumes for my family, trick or treating with friends, stealing candy from my boys...the whole shebang! I could seriously do Halloween every month.

Any who...just a few simple reasons to get excited in October. Stay tuned!

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