Monday, September 01, 2014


Happy Labor Day!

Wow! It's September 1st and we're already going into the third week of school.

The last 2 weeks have been filled with lots of "mommy emotions" as my three little vessels have sailed through the doors of their schools and have yet to look back. We've shaken it up a bit here in The Acres. I guess it's my version of a mid-life crisis with age 40 quickly approaching. As if Sam starting MIDDLE SCHOOL wasn't enough, Fulton and Oliver have both started a new (to them) school. They now attend the school for which we are zoned and where Sam was in 5K and are no longer in the Montessori school - which is our district's lottery program.

This black and white-traditional school-Libra kinda girl has preached on this blog for 5 years about my love for the Montessori philosophy. That love still remains! If someone had told me 10 years ago that I'd be an advocate for something other than rows of desks, text books, tests, and homework, I'd look at them as if they had 9 heads. The Montessori environment was great for Sam and seemed to be a good fit so far for Oliver. But Fulton demonstrated that a different style might be better for him. And that is perfectly fine! I feel blessed to have a child who can - and more importantly - feels comfortable expressing his desires for his education. All that said, we are truly grateful that our neighborhood school is a FANTASTIC option for the traditional setting and we are delighted to be part of such a great community. {Now, if some smart person could just develop a program to incorporate aspects of both traditional learning and Montessori principals the world would be the greatest place ever.}

It was a decision we did NOT make lightly. There was lots of prayer involved over the last year. And I know I like to think I'm wonder woman, but - Surprise! - I'm really not. So it made sense for us to move Oliver too, because there was no way this momma could do 1 in a new middle school, 1 in a new traditional school, and 1 in Montessori. I'm not that organized.

Any who...the beginning of another school year has come to pass. Shannon always laughs at me because everything I do, I view as a first or a last. Where does that fall in the categories of pessimist, optimist, or realist??? Sam walked confidently into his first day as a middle schooler. {Side note: So those of you who questioned my decision to do Montessori and asked, "How in the world can a Montessori child transition into a traditional middle school?!?!" happened and it was BEAUTIFUL!} We dropped Fulton off successfully at his first day of 3rd grade in a new school.  And with Oliver it was a first and last for both of us...his first day of Kindergarten and our last-first drop off for a Kindergartner. :( It truly seems like yesterday that I sent Sam off for his first day and now my little Ver is gone too.

It's true what my mom told me. Don't blink! Because there's something about the swiftness of time from the moment they walk through the doors of Big Boy school. Before you know it they'll be on their way to college. So while we are embracing some big changes in their education this year, we are also trying to savor every minute with them being "little". Some days I want my babies back so much it hurts. Other days, I'm excited to see who it is that they are becoming. I know God has great plans for them!

Cheers to a new school year {and new schools}, sweet boys!

 Fulton 3rd, Sam 6th, Oliver 5K
 Off to their new school! Go Braves!!
They looked a little unsure as I walked away from their classrooms. But I cried happy tears when I picked them up, as they were both very excited from their first day in a new school!
 Sam and his buddy Henry heading into the abyss.
Their commentary in the backseat as Katie and I approached the drive way of the school for drop off was absolutely hilarious.
There were several nervous squeals and a few "oh! I don't know if I can do this." But they did. And lived to tell about it!

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