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Summer 2013 Highlights: Chicago!!!

I started this post way back in the Summer of 2013! But I am so super slack about uploading my pics to my computer that I am just now getting around to posting this. I've also been dreaming LOTS about warmer weather, summer vacays, etc. because I am SO SICK OF BEING COLD! And rumor has it that the groundhog saw his shadow. UHG!!!

If you were one of the chosen to receive the Baker Christmas card and letter, you've already heard and seen a smidge of this. So feel free to go on about your everyday business.

Y'all know by now that I am NOT a world traveler. But last summer I had the opportunity to go to Chicago with Shan while he was there on business for a several days. What a treat!

I absolutely LOVED it! I so enjoyed all the "big city" sights and sounds. It was like country-come-to-town as I wandered alone along Michigan Ave. in awe of all the fabulous shopping and gorgeous architecture. And y'all, they play music in the sidewalk gardens downtown! It is so neat! The summertime temps are lovely, so I also took a few long walks by the lake and soaked in the sunshine and cool breeze.

Here we are at The Bean! Crazy lookin' thing that Bean is. Still don't know the significance. Helen, if you're reading this, do tell.

We stayed at the wonderfully historic Palmer House Hilton. The décor and artwork left me feeling a little jealous that I wasn't around to see the great entertainers of the Rat Pack era. The hallways are lined with photographs of great celebrities; Frank Sinatra, George Burns, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., Rita Hayworth and so many other talented and beautiful men and women. I just couldn't get enough of the rich history on the walls of that hotel.

The famous Tiffany-designed peacock doors at The Palmer House
And you gotta love the stellar quality of this pic! The non-English-speaking tourist with 3 cameras around his neck acted like he'd never seen an iphone. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was terrible and that I'd like another shot. :-/

We enjoyed a couple of date nights at local restaurants and pubs and some touristy hot spots. But the highlight of our trip was definitely our night on the town and visit to The Second City. I felt like I was in my long lost home. The improv was FANTASTIC. I just wanted to jump on stage so stinkin' bad! I got my koozie and t-shirt and I may or may not have cried on the ride back to the hotel because I did NOT want to leave!!!

This was our first night at a fun bar overlooking the Chicago River. Shannon's customer treated us to a great meal and conversation.
Such a beautiful night and the view was amazing! I loved watching all the boats pass by.
 Looking out over the city at The Signature Room, I thought I would barf, but I was really okay on the 95th floor of that John-Hancock Building. I had to force myself to stop thinking about my exit strategy in the event of an emergency. Anxiety much?

Can you see the "Go Hawks" in the building behind us? 
We were there during the NHL Stanley Cup and the excitement was overwhelming. I felt like I had lived in Chicago all my life and suddenly became a die-hard Blackhawks fan! And I don't even like hockey or understand it. Isn't it like soccer with skates and a stick?
The Second City stage... and by the way, there is a FANTASTIC Mexican restaurant downstairs from the improve in the event you are looking for something yummy before or in between shows. Best guac and mojitos!

And even though ol' Oprah was not taping at HARPO when we were there, I still had to get a pic in front of the sign before we left. The trip just would not have been complete. The only thing that would have made it better is if "my Gayle" had been with me for the photo opp.

It's not often that we get to get away together, especially when he's working, but Shan and I had such a wonderful time together. I'm dying to go back and do more shopping and even more touristy stuff! Fingers crossed that his customer will need him soon.

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