Thursday, February 20, 2014

New-found Lego Love


Legos. Legos. Legos.

You know 'em. The little plastic blocks with sharp edges that feel oh so great to step on in the dark? Yeah. Those things. It'll make you say words that would make a sailor blush! Or how about the bottomless pit somewhere that's full of all the missing pieces to sets? And if I had a penny for every one that has clinked into my vacuum...whoops, I'd be a millionaire for sure. 

I've never been a fan. I'm too ADD to follow the plans. I'd also rather make something that's in my head with all those tiny bricks, than follow "the plan".

With three boys, my house has been littered with Legos for about 5 or 6 years now. Sam has not been a huge fan, but liked them ok. But then there's Fulton,  The Lego Master Builder. Obsessed. And now there's Oliver, who likes {me or Fulton} to put together the sets, but would really rather play with the mini figures. He's obsessed too!

At any rate, they are on my kitchen table and counters, in my car, in Shan's car, in the bathtub, down in my sofa, on the stairs, on every surface in Fulton's room, on Sam's dresser, on Oliver's floor, and even on the front porch from time to time. I've tried organizing systems, but none have worked. To say that we are a Lego family would be an understatement. So I've just embraced the mess. And I can say they were not my favorite things until...
The Lego Movie! 

During the wintery weather, I took the boys along with a few friends and their mommas to see the movie. I was excited for them, but not super thrilled to watch a movie about the things I pick up 50 times a day. Fulton and Oliver literally counted down the days to Friday - the big day. So excited!
Well I was pleasantly surprised, because it is super cute! It's packed with age appropriate action and suspense for the kids and great adult humor. Kind of a Toy Story for Legos. 

It's funny how I see them differently now. Some moms and I were laughing about all the Legos we've "lost" or sucked up over the years and how guilty we feel after seeing the movie. Ha! It will change the way you think, mommas!

So if you have a little Lego lover in your house, it is a must see! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.


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