Wednesday, February 19, 2014

FFF...Forced Family Fun

A friend of mine gave my mom and me these napkins a few years ago. I love them. And every time we have a big family hoopla I think of them.

Forced Family Fun {FFF}. I've seen it be fun and I've seen it turnout no-so-fun. We've all been there. But nonetheless, we crave it sometimes. It's all about establishing traditions and creating memories.

While we were suffering from cabin fever during the winter storm, we were participating in LOTS of FFF.

We like to do game night, but it's gotten a little more challenging to accommodate different interest levels and skill levels. There's a big difference in an 11 year-old and 5 year-old!

So last week I pulled out an old favorite that I used to play with my students in therapy sessions, Rainbow Tower. It's like the colored version of Jenga.

It goes quickly enough to not lose anyone's attention and it also presents enough of a challenge for the tween boy in my house {who actually bowed out with a belly ache and watched from the sofa}.

We played two rounds and it was just enough.

1. The Daddy takes his turn (Puny, sweet, Sambo made a cameo appearance on the sofa). 2. The baby bird takes a very steady turn. 3. He said "I can't watch!" as Fulton pulled one from the bottom.

I like the added bonus that it encourages dexterity and coordination, as well as recognizing and following a pattern when you restack the tower.

Who knew a classroom favorite would be a family favorite 12 years later.

In other FFF news...

We also force our children to try on the Baby Bjorn periodically to test the weight limit. Usually, after church on Sundays. HA!

What do you do for FFF? Do y'all have any favorite games?

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