Monday, February 17, 2014

A Fondue Valentine's Dinner

Just a quick post to share our Valentine's day celebration...

As if we hadn't already spent enough time together during the snow/ice storm - we celebrated Valentine's day all together too.

Shan and I haven't celebrated Valentine's together in...oh say...11 years. But that's ok. We will again someday. Besides, we love our little turkeys and they enjoy the extra special time with us too. {Plus, a dear boy-mom friend of mine with the exact same set up - 3 boys all 3 years apart - is now dealing with the competition of her 15 year-old's girlfriend. *GASP*SIGH* So I'll take my boys on Valentine's while I can. Kinda puts things into perspective.} I digress.

So what do not-so-mushy-gushy people do for a family Valentine's celebration?

Why you Fondue, of course!

That's right. I dragged out my fondue pot and recipes and we had the most fun!

It's been years since we've used it and I always enjoy it. I've just kinda waited for everyone to be big enough to man their own skewer and not get injured. We have arrived, folks. It was a hit!

The boys "dressed up", we set a pretty table, and exchanged valentines with the boys. Our first course was classic cheese fondue. We dipped Italian bread and granny smith apples. I, personally, could have eaten the entire pot of cheese without any help. It was so good! I think they were bigger fans of the bread with cheese and just ate the apples plain. Not quite ready for the whole fruit and cheese deal.

Our next course was the meat and vegetables. We did chicken and steak and for veggies we had zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and potatoes cooked in seasoned bullion. That was tasty too, but took a {long} while. We had fun while we waited though.

And just FYI...any leftover meat and veggies can be thrown into the crock pot for vegetable beef/chicken soup!
After we finished our main course it was time for everyone's favorite. Chocolate fondue! We were all in heaven! So, so yummy! We fondued (?) strawberries, bananas, angel food cake, and marshmallows. Oh-my-goodness.

If you've never had a fondue experience, at home or a restaurant like The Melting Pot, I highly recommend it. I'm not sure a couple of mine are ready for a public fondue dining experience, but I am so glad we did it at home. It will definitely be on our family fun list!
Any who, here are a couple of pics from the rest of our Vday...

 Our traditional Valentine's donut breakfast wasn't spoiled by the ice and snow! Daddy saved the day!
 Oliver's cow tail valentines and his decorated box. LOVE it!

You know you're a boy mom get a Buzz Lightyear card. My heart melted.
How 'bout y'all? Do you celebrate with or with out children? What are your Valentine's traditions?

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