Friday, January 31, 2014


Yay! Friday is here and that means it's the WEEKEND!
I'm really looking forward to the weekend to get caught up on some things that got neglected this week and it's the Super Bowl!

In case you're stopping by from somewhere other than the southeast, this week has been crazy. Which leads me to...

The weather!
We started out Monday with temps in the mid 60's. By Tuesday night, it was SNOWING!
It was tons of fun with all the anticipation and then the snow day.
The boys were out of school Tuesday and Wednesday. Then they had delayed-start on Thursday and today. With all the inclement weather, in-service days, and MLK day, I feel like my boys have been out since before Christmas.

Any who... here are some highlights from a wonderful snow-day! It really was the most fun. Great memories were made with these 3 little guys.

We even made SNOW CREAM!
4 to 6 cups of fresh snow
1 cup milk
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Mix sugar, milk, and vanilla until sugar is dissolved. Then gradually add a cup of snow at a time. Freeze for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

To-Do List!
I have been quite the To-do lister recently. I guess since I have taken on my 40x40 Challenge. Shan and I sat down Sunday night and made a monstrous punch list of all the projects we need to tackle to re-do "finish" our house.  I'm ready for new paint, furniture, and fixtures!! YIKES!
I think we both went to bed feeling a tad overwhelmed by that list. Looks like we'll be prioritizing next!
So speaking of lists...
My mother-in-law is the greatest list maker in the history of transcription. She ALWAYS has a tiny notepad in her pocketbook. It's so cute. I thought about how well-planned she is and how she never misses a.thing! So when I happened to be in {my least favorite place on the planet}Walmart, I found my very own tiny note pads to fit in my pocket book. Only a whopping 88 cents each! Now I don't have an excuse to not write it down.

El Cheapo and Cute-ish enough.

Design time!
One thing I'd love to get caught up on this weekend is my design time. It has been so long since I just sat down and created. I love making organizational printables and freebies to post, but just when I was getting back in the swing, I suddenly had lots of people in my house again. ;)
A couple things I have gotten done this week are some super cute TWINVITES for a Lego/Karate party and a Dinosaur party!

So! The Grammys!
Did you watch? So many incomprehensible things happened over those few hours. But I think the thing that left me scratching my head the most was this...
Y'all! What has happened to our music industry. Miley...just Miley, The Beibes can't go to the Grammys because he's just been arrested, Half-naked women dancing on the grammys, "Queen La" is now a justice of the peace, and Boss Hog is Madonna's Doppelganger. God help us!
On to more normal-ish things...
Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. Yay! Or as I like to call it...The Commercial Bowl! I'm not a sports buff at all so it's definitely about the food, fun, and beverages! We're hoping to get together with a few friends to watch and eat some good bad-for-you food. I see these buffalo sliders in my future!!
 I pinned this recipe from Shared Appetite.
Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Avocado Ranch

Have a good weekend!
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Anonymous said...

Totally making those for Sunday...Leah

Karli at Girls Traveling said...

awww! your family is so so cute! i can't wait until we have a few more kids…and they are a little older. it kind of feels like we're in a holding pattern right now…with the 7 pm bedtime and all the naps. :) and ps. i need those sliders in my mouth right this second. they look so so good. found you via the linkup. new reader. yay!