Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

I haven't done a Five on Friday in months!!! I'm linking up with some other cute bloggers for this post, but I'm doing mine on five things that made my week!!

1. Monday night we had the Feast of Lights/12th Night Celebration at church. It is the "grand finale" of our holiday season and happens to be my favorite service of the season. My boys participated as usual, but their parts changed a bit this year. Sam was a page to the wise men. Fulton was an angel and Oliver was my baby sheep, of course.

The coolest part is that Fulton got the dime in the King Cake and is "The Investor" for the church for 2014!

If you don't practice this custom The Pioneer Woman explains the concept perfectly. We do our trinkets a little differently though. Some cakes only have 1 trinket, but our church's King Cake has three.

Ring - "The King/Queen" of the next Feast of Lights
2 Almonds - "The Host/Hostess" of the next Feast of Lights
Dime - "The Investor" takes the dime and generates money for the church over the next year.
2. Tuesday and Wednesday it was REALLY cold here. Unusually cold! The school districts decided it was in the best interest of ALL students to delay the start of school by 2 hours. It seemed a little silly at first, but my boys don't have to stand at a bus stop for an hour in the frigid temps! So I just took it as an opportunity to snooze a little longer and ease back into the routine after the holiday. 
The funny thing is, we're expecting temps in the 60's this weekend and next week! Gotta love SC!


3. Our heat went out during the "Polar Vortex"! That did NOT make my week!! We woke up Wednesday morning to it being 55 degrees in our house and it got as low as 48 degrees!!! FREE-ZING! 

It was miserable, but we made do around space heaters.

What DID make my week was when it came back on and the fact that we saved $1000 by getting a second opinion. Do your homework people!! Don't just go with the first quote because they drive fancy trucks and are popular! I have a great heat/AC guy now if you're in my neck of the woods.

4. I got new glasses! It had been waaaay too long since I last got a pair. I always opt for using the insurance allowance on new contacts because I wear those all the time. Not to mention, my glasses get right pricey with my REALLY bad prescription! They have to upfit my lenses so much that it ends up being $$$ "spancy". This year we decided to use up the rest of our insurance flex spending account on some new specs for momma. I really like them!

5. Thursday night was down-right comical for a couple of reasons. We had a our Junior League January General Membership meeting and my dear ol pal, Misty locked her keys in her car. {I'm pretty sure this has happened before. But then again, it could be a very vivid de-ja-vu.} Well, homegirl lives 45 minutes from these parts. So getting a spare key was not an option. I waited with her on AAA to come unlock the car. We decided we were hungry and ate a savory dinner from Chick-fil-A in my car staying toasty. While it's not glamorous, it was the perfect time to sit back and catch up from our bustling holidays.
Then, at home, just before bed, I got into a bizarre and hilarious text convo with my friend Anne. It went on FOR-EVER! It was one of the really good ones that you look back at the next day and laugh hysterically. I think we were delirious. Here are a few snipits...
And that's my five! 
So. What made your week?

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HI, came across your blog from my gf. Just wanna say, keep on writing !You have a great weekend and hope you guys are keeping war.