Tuesday, January 07, 2014


My blog posting is as dysfunctional as this moment in my house.

While trying to edit a post I wrote 2 days ago, this is happening...

I'll set the stage of the last 30 minutes...
It's 25 degrees in Columbia, SC. The kids had a delayed start at school and weren't allowed to play outside. The sunshine is completely misleading because it's freezing!!!

Protester 1: (after already having 45 minutes on the PS3) Mom, can I have my phone (Shannon's old iphone - no phone service, that all 3 share)?

Me: If you want "screen time" you need to earn it by cleaning your room and making your bed.

Protester 1: I can't stand this house! Why do I have to do all this stuff? Why do I have to earn screen time? What is wrong with y'all?

Me: Ok. No. You may not have your phone! You are not going to talk to me like that.

Protester 1: Fine! I'm going outside. (wearing jeans, 1 pair of thin socks, a t-shirt, and a hoodie)

Me: Ok. You need on more clothes. It's freezing!

Protester 1: I'm fine!

Protester 2: I'm bored! Why does it have to be so cold? I want to jump on the trampoline.

Me: You can jump on the trampoline but you need to have on plenty of clothes because it's freezing.

Protester 2: (Also wearing jeans, 1 pair of thin socks, a t-shirt, and a hoodie) I have on plenty of clothes! I'm fine!

Protester 3: I want to jump too!

Me: Ok. Let's get some extra layers on. (I get out red soccer socks to put over regular socks, a hat, and gloves.)

Protester 3: I don't like these bumpy socks! They won't fit in my shoes! (Crying) Why do I have to wear all this?

Me: Well, slip your Keens on over them because you're just running out to the trampoline.

Protester 3: It feels weird (crying, shoes on wrong feet).

Protester 2: (Coming in and running back upstairs) I can't feel my feet. I'm going to get more socks.

Me: Why?

Protester 2: Because it's freezing outside.

Protester 1: (also coming back inside) Where are my gloves? It's too cold out there.

No one EVER listens to me.
And I can't EVER get a thoughtful or memorable blog post done.

I try {in blogging and parenting}. I really do.


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