Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Celebrating Five

 My baby turned FIVE a week ago! Completely unbelievable.

Since our first family trip to Disney {to be posted} he has been "upset" {obsessed} with "Wizard" Mickey!

He has a Wizard Mickey hat, a doll to sleep with, and a figurine who rides around with us. So it was no surprise that he would want a Wizard Mickey theme party!

On the heels of Holiday Market and Christmas, momma was burned out and looking for quick and easy.

His birthday fell on a district half-day and I pressed my luck planning an outside birthday party at the park in January. But it couldn't have been a more beautiful and perfect day for a party!

I love Oliver's age.

He has an opinion about things. He knows how to count down the "wake ups". He appreciates detail. He gets SUPER excited about events.

Turning five for Oliver was a big event!!!

And apparently, at five, big things happen...

You get a donut birthday breakfast!
You have your first Celebration of Life at school.
You got to pick the best party favor ever {in your opinion}...Punch Balloons!
You should have seen mommy transporting them...YIKES!
You get to have a special after-the-party play date with two of your best buddies.
You get to pick where we eat supper...Chick-Fil-A, of course.
You learn to shave.
And you finally figure out the monkey bars.

BIG THINGS are also in you future, Ver-man! Your smile, your personality, and your determination will get you very far, as they are qualities loved by all of us.

What I also love is...
that you are our "baby".
that you are friendly.
that you are a perfectionist {just like someone else I know}.
that your blue eyes are sometimes "greeeeeenish".
that you spend $.40 a day on milk even though I pack you a drink in your lunchbox.
that in your prayers you ask if God will come into your room to get rid of the bad dreams.
that you ask if the Tooth Fairy works for God.
that you think Cupid is real and that eating Valentine's Little Debbie's will "make you get in love".
that you know and hold us to your bedtime routine {bath, 2 books, prayers and scratch back for 2 songs.}
that you are one of our biggest blessings.

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet boy!


just ask beth said...

sweet precious Oliver!!!

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver! Looks like he enjoyed a super fun one!! :)

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