Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anticipation and a {small} Victory

Snow days in these "parts" are few and far between. The anticipation of the snow day is often more fun to witness than the snow day itself.

School was cancelled for Tuesday by 6:00pm on Monday for snow that wasn't due to fall until late Tuesday afternoon. The stores resembled the eve of the apocalypse. Or better yet, like the world's largest brunch was to be thrown with French Toast as the main course. Milk, eggs, and bread - wiped out!

Though I was a tad frustrated by the premature school closing {'cause I gots thangs to do!}, I love that I woke up to the sweet, sleepy voice of Fulton asking, "Mom, did it snow yet?" And every hour or so I'd hear, "where is the snow?" or "is it gonna start soon?" A frustrated Oliver even said, "C'mon God! Just make it snow!" They have been on pins and needles and tuned into the weather reports all day!

And finally it came. Just before bed.

In our house, the great anticipation of playing in the snow is palpable.

One was super sleepy and hanging on by a thread, but kept an eye peeled to see it coming down steadily. He doesn't really remember the last BIG snow.

One opened his blinds before turning out his light so he could watch the snow falling. He said he wanted to be able to see it as soon as he woke up.

And one made sure to locate his snow boots and heavy gloves because there's no time to waste in the morning.

Snow days. They don't come often. But when they do, they sure are sweet!


Speaking of sweet...
I love a sweet little victory every now and then.
I'm on my second week of my 40x40 Challenge. {Read about it here.}
My first weigh-in for goal #1 was Monday. It was a tough first week, as I was trying to be more conscious of my goals and what I needed to do to achieve them. In other words...I was HAWNGRY!
But not deprived. I had plenty to eat. I was simply having to be mindful.
The end result of my hard work... -3.2 lbs. Yay!!!

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