Tuesday, August 27, 2013

There he goes!

In case you haven't heard...

For many parents this is just one of those things we do.

But for the freak show that I am, this is MONUMENTAL!

More "MENTAL" than "monu" because I have serious issues. It's no secret! I am a crier. I cry all.the.time. Especially when it has to do with my boys and milestones.

For a year I've had people say, "I remember you with Sam/Fulton. What are you going to do when Oliver goes to school?"

If you've been around the blog a while, you may remember this, this and this.


You've heard of Attachment Disorder. But I think I have DEtachment Disorder! They could probably add it to the DSM in my honor.

I have loved the birth to 4ish phase of my boys' lives so much that I just hate to see it end.

I love the noon pick up from the preschool. The quiet and silly conversations that we'd have over PB&J sandwiches, trips to the grocery or Target, blowing bubbles on the porch, swinging, and after school play dates. I loved the silly cartoons we'd watch, the snuggling on the sofa, and getting suckers at the bank. It makes sending them to school all day so bittersweet.

But I guess it's even more bittersweet this time because he's my last.

His first day went superbly well! However, Tuesday morning lacked the same spark. There was lots of "I'm tired!" "I went to school yesterday." And "I don't want to go to school!."

But hopefully it's not anything that "The Kissing Hand" can't fix. I've read that to my boys for years and always at the start of a new school year. I made sure we read it again Tuesday night.

I love that book! It's so sweet.

Any who. So this DEtachment Disorder...

I think I've passed it on to Sam and Fulton. We were all super excited, yet anxious, for Oliver to start school.

A few side stories as we sent Oliver to school:

Sunday night:

Fulton and Sam were giving Oliver "tips" on being in big-boy school. Fulton sat him down and said, Oliver, if you need to go potty and don't know how to wipe your bottom you're going to have to ask for help and it's really embarrassing! So you may want to just tinkle at school and poop at home!

Great! Thank you, Fulton for the sage advice!

After I tucked Oliver in I got a little teary as I walked out of his room. I went to tuck Sam in and he noticed and said "Oh mom, don't cry! Lots of kids have been to school there. And they didn't come out dead!"

And thank you, Sam!

Monday at school:

We dropped Oliver off. There were a few tears from me, but nothing like I have thought. I was super proud of myself! And Oliver did beautifully!!

I picked him up all in one piece, happy, and ready to tell me I had forgotten to send something with him. What? He did not know.

So in a convo with his teacher to find out what I'd forgotten {which was nothing...still don't know what he meant}, she said Fulton sent his Assistant Teacher to check on Oliver. Fulton told his teacher that he heard Oliver crying down the hall and that he knows what his cry sounds like. BLESS!

God Bless his sweet, sweet heart! And God bless his sweet teacher for going to check and easing his mind. It was NOT Oliver at all. Oliver was curled up on his nap mat sound asleep!

I cried when she told me the story. Sweetest thing ever!

His teacher also told me Sam was about to break his neck peeking into Oliver's classroom as he passed by. I love it! Oliver is the luckiest little guy in the world to have these great big brothers!!

As for this cuckoo mother, I couldn't wait to see him at 2:30.

But here's the sweetest part that will be etched in my brain forever...

My three boy walking to school together for the very first time. It's the only year that they'll all be together. Priceless. {I just wish this pic wasn't so blurry!}

So there he goes!

I love you Ollie-bird. I hope you have a great year.

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