Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer Highlights: 20th High School Reunion in Pictures

2013 marks TWENTY years since I graduated high school. It's really weird to say it, but typing it is like etching it in stone. 20 years? Wow!

The occasion brought some of my favorite people together for the first time in many years. Our last official reunion was our 10th and we had a rather small crowd. Fun, but small. Since then, even more folks have gotten married, become parents, and grown in their professional lives. It was so wonderful to catch up.

I really wish there had been more time to visit with everyone. Three or 4 hours just isn't enough to cram it all in. There are some folks I'd love to hang out with weekly. I have to admit that unfortunately it takes 10-20+ years to truly appreciate exactly who and what some people are all about. There were some classmates that I didn't realize how much they meant to me until now. I feel like I should make up for lost time.

We told stories, reminisced, laughed until we lost our voices, and danced, and danced some more. Beastie Boys, Boyz II Men, Kris Kross, MC Hammer... I even did tried to do line dances. Thank goodness for the stellar instruction from a few of my favorite girls and for my thinking ahead - I packed some flats in my pocketbook!

All-in-all we had a great turn out and I have to give kudos to my dear friends Helen and Shannon who planned and promoted this event. It would NOT have happened without them. The arrangement was so festive and the ballroom accommodated us perfectly!

Highlight of the night - spending the night at the hotel with 3 of my dearest friends. We ditched the hubbies and kept the party going until the wee hours. There was so much laughter and so many great memories packed into such a short period of time. And just FYI, the recovery from such shenanigans is MUCH longer 20 years later. Whew!

ACF Class of 1993

Oh look! It's me!!! Running my mouth. Who'da thought?

Will the real Shannon Baker please stand up?

Truly AWESOME people!

 Then the lights came on. And all kinds of craziness was goin' on!
And my MOST favorite part of the weekend...These 3! Some things never change. We were the best of friends and still are. LOVE these girls more than they'll ever know.
Katy, Anna, and Helen...y'all are the best!

And the award for the BEST Photo Bomb goes to... None other than Mike Wilson. Seriously! Some things NEVER EVER change.

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