Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Joy comes in the morning!

On Monday my big boys started school. Fulton is now a 2nd grader and Sam is a 5th grader!


The night before school starts is always filled with great anticipation. We sat around the table eating our ice cream sundaes and I asked each boy what their hope was for the new school year. Their answers were the obvious... do well, make more friends, have fun, get extra recess, etc.

Sam had been feeling a little more apprehensive about the start of the new school year. The last few days he had been talking a lot about it being his last year of elementary school and asking what middle school will be like. He's in those really awkward years - stuck between wanting to feel grown up and still wanting to be a little boy. I remember like it was yesterday having the same feeling. It's so hard!

On Sunday night as I was preparing to tuck everyone in, Sam came into Oliver's room and asked if I'd snuggle with him a little longer. When I got into his room he hopped up on the bed with the picture book "Pickles to Pittsburgh" by Judi Barrett {the sequel to "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"}. He said, "mom, will you read me this book tonight?"

I was a little surprised as Sam hasn't wanted me to read ANYTHING to him in about 2 or 3 years. He's been a very independent reader for a while. I said, "sure, but wouldn't you rather read it to me?"

He tearfully answered, "No, I want you to because this is what I love about being a kid... I have so many good memories of our time together and I'm afraid to grow up!"

Needless to say, I was in a flood of tears as I reassured him that growing up is good! And just because you grow up doesn't mean you won't have good memories.

His concern is that those "memories will be so far away" as he gets older. Again, I know exactly what he means. It seems like childhood was just a blip on the radar. We settled down, I read his book - holding back more tears, said our prayers, and I tucked him in.

I am so thankful that he asked me to read that book to him, that he shared his heart with me, and that we have created good memories for him. But at the same time I got so incredibly sad that he really is growing up in the blink of an eye. I was emotionally drained by the time I finally went to sleep.

Even after all that...Sam jumped up and was ready for school in record time. Fulton was his usual skippy morning-person self. Oliver was bummed that he has to wait until next week to start school. And the whole family was up and running bright and early! We all felt excited and refreshed.

Sam - 5th grade, Fulton - 2nd grade and Superman in pajamas starts All-day 4k next week {Lawd Help!}

It was a delightful reminder of Psalm 30:5(b)- Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

'Tis true, folks. 'Tis true! Life can be an emotional roller coaster, but we are always restored by His promises. 

So for now, I'll continue hanging on to their childhood for dear life, making memories... even if it means I have to read picture books to each one of them every.single.night for the rest of their lives!


Heather Holt said...

I love this story. We are seeing some of the same things that Sam is questioning in Parker. Of course, she is just in the second grade and most of it may be spurred on by the extra attention Sawyer still gets, but still. It's hard. I am so proud of Sam and how open he is to share his feelings. I hope that he holds on to that sense of self and security that it IS ok to reach out to others for reassurance! <3 you O!

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, your boys sound so sweet. I love that they enjoyed you reading to them. Hope they have a great school year. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your comments on my son's room. Good luck decorating your tween's room as well.

Misty said...

Your sweet mama heart...just one thing I love about you!!