Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Turtley Awesome 4 year-old

Just so you know, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made a comeback. What better way to celebrate the cutest 4 year-old I know, than with a "Turtley Awesome" Birthday!
Oliver turned 4 on January 15th. I. Cannot. Believe. It. He's not a toddler any more...he's a BIG BOY! I feel blessed beyond measure to have this little ball of energy and happiness in our lives. He's simply precious.
Per the birthday boy's request, we went to Moe's for his big night. Fortunately, Sarah Dippity was on hand for Ninja Turtle face painting! Nana and Papa and Muzzy and Boppa joined the fun!
His eyes in this picture...crack me up!

Big bros are the best!

Oliver as "Raphael"

Now onto the party!
Turtle POWER!!!
 My pathetic attempt at cupcakes. ;-)

Custom Ninja Turtle party favors by Muzzy & Me!
{We made 18 of these little get-ups in red, orange, blue, and purple!!!}

Big Ninja Turtles!


Just hangin' out.

Ninjas in all colors!

 Then back to the house for a rip-roarin' time with presents!
Happy 4th birthday to my adorable blue-eyed green-turtle-machine! You're such a blessing to us!

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