Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Analogies and Updates

I've been working on analogies with Sambo. When I was drumming up examples for him this one popped into my head...

Relationship- What happens when things are neglected.

I have great intentions with both my laundry and my blog. I love the end result - fresh smelling clothes, fully stocked drawers and closets; organized thoughts, memories, and pictures documented for my boys, friends, and family. It's always the process of both that wipe me out. Washing, drying, and folding...I can handle that okay. It's the getting them from the baskets to the drawers that I can't stand! I'd live out of baskets for weeks if I had some where to put them that was out of the way. With blogging, it's finding the time at night and early in the morning when I'm super tired to jot something into a blog post, upload and edit pictures, and publish the post. All of the above requires time and energy, which I have very little of these days. Unfortunately, my housework and blog have both been neglected in a bad way over the last couple of weeks. And I now have that "mountain" and an "agglomeration"!

I have been working 'round the clock filling orders {To my customers out there...I'm loving all your great ideas for theme parties. I am so thankful that you let me bring them to life.}! The volume of orders I've been filling has kept me crazy busy. It's been great!

School. School. School. Sam is in 4th grade. Need I say more? The homework is a completely new concept for these Montessori folks here. Up until now we have only had monthly book reports and quarterly research projects. So all you mommas who've been doing it all along...KUDOS!

We have all had the crud. Head, chest, ears, scratchy throats...UHG!!! School is definitely back in!

I am so excited that Shannon and I just started teaching an adult Sunday School at church. We have been spending lots of time getting our ducks in a row for that. Look for a post really soon.

We celebrated Fu's 7th birthday. This year he chose an "adventure" over a party. So we headed to ATL for Lego Land! Stay tuned for that post. It was so much fun!!!

Shan and I actually got a weekend away by-our-selves for the first time in 7 years. We had been away with friends, but not alone. That post is soon to follow also. It was long overdue and much appreciated.

On top of all that I start subbing this week for our school district. I decided to do that rather than return to work full time. I think it will be great!

I'll be doing a little catching up this week on this here blog. I appreciate all of you who have sent me messages to find out how Fulton's birthday was and what's been going on. Thanks for sticking around and being interested in CTBaker in the Acres!

Now...On to tackle the mountain.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

My Fears Came True

Tonight I had just finished telling Sambo & Fu-bird the story about the night before Fulton was born. It went kinda like this...

I had just polished off a #21 at San Jose - our traditional pre-delivery last meal. I was sitting in my bed, anxious {imagine that} about having another boy {didn't know what we were having, but I was worried}, worried that I didn't have enough love for 2 children - much less 2 BOYS! I now have 3 and can't imagine it any other way. I didn't even have a boy name picked out and had to frantically call Muzzy at the last minute for family name suggestions.

Worried. Worried. Worried!

The next morning, September 9, 2005, Fulton Barnes Baker {which suits him perfectly} was born.

A second son! {No one told me I'd be so completely and instantly enamored.}

It was true.

All my fears were coming true and somehow...

It couldn't have been a bigger blessing!

Sam said "Wow, Mom! God works fast! And He made sure all that stuff worked out."

Fulton said, "Yeah! 'Cause you love me and Sam and Oliver to the moon-and-back-and-back-and-back-and... . He does work fast!"

Today, I am so thankful for God's plan! I have these 3 amazing little boys. And I love each one as much as the other, in all kinds of different ways.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the 7th birthday of the Twinkly Little Spirit of my darling Fulton!

We love you more than you will ever know, buddy! Thank you for being a part of God's lesson to me that there are no limits on how much a mother can love 1 or 101 babies.

You are such a special gift to all who know you.

Happy 7th Birthday, sweet boy!!!

Your Crazy Family

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Football Friday Widow

For about 13 years, on Friday nights, Shan has officiated high school football (and various other sports) for SCISA. In other words...he's a referee! My husband is quite possibly one of the most level-headed, decent, honest guys I know. I'm pretty sure the games he calls reflect his character. The parents, kids, and coaches who recognize him never fail to mention what a great guy he is. They're right.

What started out as a hobby, shortly after college and a means to have a little extra cash for us as newlyweds, has gradually turned into a passion for him. He loves it! And I can't argue with a hobby that he gets paid for.

Me? Well...I'm the Football Friday Widow.

Years ago, before children, I would go hang with friends, third-wheel to parties and our favorite night-life spots. When Sam and Fulton were babies I'd hang with my mom and dad and they'd treat us to dinner. Now, we just do random stuff - movie night, pizza night, sometimes an evening with hunting or fishing "widows" and their kids, or like last night... it was a random fast food dinner and a trip to Target with my momma.

 We tried on "fashion glasses"
 And bought a couple of mini-packs of Star Wars Legos
 Which we successfully assembled
And I had one little guy who wasn't feeling too hot, so I tucked him in early.

We find things to busy ourselves until he walks through the door. The boys are usually asleep by the time he gets home, but I wait up for him because it's always nice to have someone greet you when you come home...no matter what the time may be.

Sometimes I think it'd be nice to have normal Friday nights with Shan, but I'm thankful I have my buddies to entertain me and my momma near-by to keep me company. After-all, being married to an entertainer for 40-something years she was the "band widow" and has Friday nights down pat.