Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whodja get?

I went to a small Catholic school growing up. It was a sweet everyone-knows-everyone community, that included the teachers. There was no suspense in which teacher you would have the next school year because there was only one teacher per grade and that teacher was most likely the same teacher that had been there 30 years prior. So what you saw was what you got. Like it or not.

This is a BIG year for us. You may recall my post on my boys bridging to Upper El {Sam} and Lower El {Fulton}. Oliver will only be going into 3K at his preschool, but it's his last year there until he joins his brothers at the Montessori school. So BIG things are happening here! So much anxious energy can be felt coming from all of us.

My boys have had the great anticipation of "the letter" all summer long. I love it. With summer coming to an end, they ask everyday if "the letter" announcing their classroom placement has come.

Then the other day... it came.

And they were all smiles when they found out their placements.

We feel VERY blessed with all three of the awesome "picks" for the 2012-2013 school year. I've heard nothing but good about Sam and Fulton's teachers. As for Oliver's teacher, well, we go way back (here and here). And we just adore Mrs. Frannie. She's like a family member. Sam and Fulton have both had her and now Oliver. So exciting!

It's gonna be a great year!

So tell me, whodja get? Are you excited about your child's class placement this coming year?


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