Monday, August 20, 2012

Ready. Set. Go!

6:15 came awfully hard this morning for mama, but not for these guys!

They were chompin' at the bit! I think Fu and Sambo were both feeling extra "big" today, as they have both bridged to the next level at school.

You know all the things mamas say on the first day of school about time flying by and all that stuff...well, it's fo-real! I felt all of that and more this morning. They both looked so grown up and I didn't have to do a thing to help them. Very bittersweet.

They were ready to roll well before it was time to go. The dreary rainy morning wasn't stopping them like it was their mama. Fortunately, I convinced them to let me drive them instead of walking (scootering). And at 7:15 they were on their way to another school year.

I am now the proud mom of this adorable 1st grader...

Fulton's 1st day of 1st grade - Mrs. Geiger's class

And this handsome 4th grader...

Sam's 1st day of 4th grade - Mrs. Brown's class

When Shan texted me to find out how their first day went, I was happy to send him this pic...

Everyone is all smiles!

I think it's gonna be a great year!


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