Friday, July 20, 2012

It's ok! I've got rocks!

Y'all know most of my Fulton tales, as I have posted many over the years. Here's another one.

In a convo with him he was telling me all about some Pokemon card launcher thing. I acted interested, but truly had no clue what he was talking about. He went on to say that he wants me to buy him one.

I told him I thought he should earn some money to buy it. His response...

No! It's ok! I have rocks!

Me: Rocks?

Fulton: Uh huh. Lots of nice ones.

Me: (clueless) Well what are you gonna do with the rocks? Can you use them with the launcher?

Fulton: No! I can spend 'em.

Me: Spend 'em? You can't spend rocks, honey.

Fulton: Uh huh! Sam said people used to spend rocks a long time ago instead of money! I can just use those.

Me: Aww! Hun, you have to use money now. That would be awesome if we could use rocks though.

He left the room to quiz Sam on why he'd tell him he could use rocks to buy stuff. I tuned out their exchange as I chuckled to myself in the kitchen, seriously wishing I could use rocks as money. Since I have 3 boys, I think we'd be considered really, really rich and every time I did S & F's'd be payday!

How cool would that be?!?!

I love these little conversations. They are precious and hilarious all rolled into one! These are the moments I want to freeze and keep forever.

Well, we are all back under one roof. Sam is home from camp. Happy as a clam. Lice and tick free! Praise God! (Remember last year's post?) I scrubbed his hair really well before I let him sit down on the sofa just to be sure! ;)

Happy Friday, y'all!
I wonder if I pay my sitter in rocks tomorrow night if she'd be offended? Or maybe I could bring back the rock bartering system.


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Anonymous said...

How cute your son is!