Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Currently loving... our 3 day STAYcation. Shan's parents volunteered to keep the boys at the lake for a few days and we gladly took them up on it. So refreshing!

Currently reading... My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife by Sara Horn. Such a cute easy read on a topic in which lots of women I know struggle!

Currently waiting for... God. I've been doing lots of praying and sorting through which path I should follow in my "career"/"purpose" and which steps to take to get there. Just waiting on some guidance from Him.

Currently excited about... the gradual face-lift the interior of my house is slowly-but-surely getting. It's been a long 8 years since we've done anything to our house and we're finally going room by room! Oliver's room- 90% complete, Up Next {in this order}... Master Bedroom (we're moving downstairs into what is currently my guestroom), Sam's room (No more sharing! He's getting his own room.), Fulton's Room (Not a complete over-haul because he and Sam had their room repainted a few years ago. So we're just doing some updates and re-arranging because we don't want him to feel left out.) Hall and Stairwell (repainting), Laundry Room (We're doing some built-ins...desk, cabinets, folding counter etc.), Kitchen (Repaint and put in a new microwave), Living Room and Dining room (Repaint), Den (Repaint and FINALLY reupholster my chair and ottoman)

Currently missing... my boys! While I have loved the quiet time to ourselves, I am really starting to miss them. I am not used to being away from them, especially for more than a day or two.

Currently trying... to eat more "real" food. I'm not being hugely successful, but I'm learning and making an attempt.

Currently working... on several invitation projects and a logo! Loving the original themes... 50 States...50 Years Anniversary, Cheer party, Pinewood Derby party, and a Hot Rod party

Currently enjoying... The last few weeks of summer. I am looking forward to a routine and everyone going to their own "places" each day, but I love the lazy days of summer too!

Currently using... my Kindle Fire, LOTS! I have had issues falling asleep recently. I think it's mostly because I'm stewing in all the things I need to get done and dreading how long it's going to take. UHHHG! So my Kindle has become my new BFF from 11:00pm-1:00am.

Currently wearing... a different ring on my right ring finger because I STILL can't find my 30th birthday gift, ruby and diamond cocktail ring. I lost/misplaced it a couple of weeks ago and it makes me want to barf when I think about it.

Currently planning... A fun Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies get-together with a few neighbors for Friday night. Can't wait! I should probably warn them that I get so excited I cry.

Currently singing... whatever pops into my head. Y'all know I love to sing all.the.time., especially when I have the house or car to myself.

Currently needing... to get my mojo back. I think I've had so much going on recently with our house projects, the lax summertime schedule, and entertaining the boys daily that I have yet again, pushed "me" to the side. S & F are not wild about the gym nursery and pushing 100+ pounds of baby and stroller while watching 2 wobbly bicycle riders as I hit the pavement doesn't make for a very thorough workout. Ok. Those are crappy excuses. So I need prayers for my mojo to return. Thanks.

Currently learning... to make more time for me and more date nights with my hubby. We deserve it and have been simmering on the back burner for a long, long time now. We have discussed several ways to "afford" it so money isn't an excuse. And we have also discussed making better use of our time so we can't say we don't have "time" to squeeze it in.

Currently listening to... the morning news and the click-clack of the keyboard.

Currently wishing... for Fall! I can't wait for cooler temps, the beautiful blue sky, and designing and planning fun fall parties for people.

Currently doing... what I can to keep O a baby. He is using the potty, sleeping in a big-boy bed, going to Mrs. Frannie's class 5 days a week this school year, and just in the last week started calling me "mom". Noooooooo! It's all going by so fast. I promise to never blink again!!!

Currently praying for...lots! Personal growth in several areas, comfort and healing for family, peace, patience, and the ability to bite my tongue during hard times (including the hours from 4pm-8pm), and for guidance as a servant, wife, and mother.

Currently dreaming of... our next family road trip. We had so much fun back in April and I can't wait to do it again! We've been throwing around some ideas. Y'all got any in particular for me?

This is a borrowed post from the girls at Jones Design Company and Lemonade Makin' Mama!
Okay it's your turn if you want... give me a run-down of what you're doing "currently" in comments or blog it and pass it on!



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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh HI girl! I'm so glad you stopped by... and I do this currently post whenever I'M in a content slump too! :) We can't wait for the Olympics too and I was wondering if that Prov. 31 book is good? I'd LOVE to read it.

Glad to have "met" you! :)