Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bullet kinda week

It's a bullet kind of post...
  • Sam has been at camp and I've been busy entertaining F & O at camp F-O-C this week. We've done a field trip or two, arts and crafts, and today we're baking a cake! They have really had a good week and we've enjoyed our time together. BUT they are really missing Sam and looking forward to picking him up tomorrow morning.

  • Sam seems to be having a fabulous time at camp. He hasn't written me (no surprise there), but his counselor did. So I know he's alive! I have also been checking out his cute pics on I love seeing his little face. I can even spot him in a blurry pack of 100 kids or as a speck in the thick backdrop of trees on the high ropes! It's kinda like Where's Waldo: Camp Edition.
(Pics from
  • While Sam has been away, we have been sure to be sending him lots of mail and few care packages. Fulton has enjoyed writing and sending mail to Sam. His notes have been short but so sweet. He cried a couple of nights because he was really missing Sam. So sweet!

His care packages had a few "down-time" camp staples in them... Construction paper for paper airplanes and such, mad libs, tattoos (of course.), and a standard pillow case for his bunk mates to sign as a keepsake. 
  • In BIG exciting news... this adorable 10 year-old has grown up into this handsome guy who is getting MARRIED!!!!

We are so excited to have Noel join our family. She and Nic are 2 peas in a pod. Nic was born when I was 15, so he's kinda like my own. We have a very special relationship and his happiness is super important to me. I think he made a great choice in picking a mate.
Ironically, when Nic was a little boy, my mom bought him this book...
Who knew?
  • Oliver's big boy room is coming along very well! just gotta get some sewing done and some pictures on the wall and we'll be good to go. Shan finished his cute bookshelf the other night. It's perfect! So thankful for a handy hubby!
  • Shan and I have been enjoying some quiet time in the evenings this week since F & O have been doing the VBS. It's been so nice! We enjoyed a date night with some friends too. The time together has been long overdue and welcomed more than you can imagine! Now we are off to the VBS finale and a pot luck supper!
More later..


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