Thursday, July 12, 2012

BIG things are happening!

Remember this post?

Yeah. Well. That all kinda got put on hold for a few reasons.

#1 He just wasn't ready. There was lots of protesting and frustration on both ends, so we stopped.
#2 We went on our week-long road trip. It would have been terrible timing with all the car-riding he had to endure.
#3 Lots of external factors that have kept me from being at home and monitoring his "urges".

So. We started again a couple of weeks ago.

It's just time. He's 3-1/2 and though he STILL shows very little interest, it's got to be done. We have the el stupido rule about having to be potty trained before he starts 3K. It really gets on my nerves and completely goes against everything the pediatricians say. Sam and Fulton were no breeze to train either, but they were trained well before the start of 3K and I STILL didn't like that rule. It puts too much unnecessary pressure on the child and the parent.

Any here I am. In the throws of POTTY TRAINING for a THIRD and FINAL time. Oliver does very well with prompts, reminders, and rewards, but has yet to let me know that he feels the "urge". Without fail, the second I leave him unattended to oh, I don't know...shower, get a cup of coffee, fold 1 of my 30,000 loads of laundry...heaven forbid, he decides it's time to poop and goes in his pants or on the floor. UHHHHHHG! Now, we haven't had that many accidents and I realize it'll take time, but it's all so stressful. I end up feeling like a failure if I miss the BIG moment. Why is parenting such a freakin' mind game????

I have so many friends who have sent their children to Grandma's for a week in the summer only to have them return fully potty trained. I also know a few who let daycare handle it. And then there are the ones whose children woke up on their 2nd birthday and just hopped on the toilet, never looking back at diapers. Well, all I have to say is...that sho ain't my reality and hats off to the mommas in the trenches. WE ROCK!

Next BIG thing...

Do you remember the day the Berlin wall came down? Well, Saturday was about as emotional as that day. It was a very monumental day in the Baker household.

It was the day the crib came down.

I knew I'd be a little sad, but geeze! I had no idea I'd be that sad.

It broke my heart to see it all piled up and just leaning against the wall. It had served it's purpose and served us well. (I have great plans for it in the future. I've pinned a few ideas.)

All I could think of was the three sweet little blond heads that had occupied that crib over the past 10 years.

We packed it up and stored it away to make room for Ollie's big-boy bed. He's movin' on up like George and Weezie!

Sam and Fulton were both out of the crib around 2-1/2 or 3 years old. But for Oliver we waited until now for several selfish reasons... he's our last so why the rush?, he has never tried to get out, and he just hangs out in the mornings until the rest of the family wakes up. It just worked for us.

But like all things... there is a beginning and an end.

It's the end of Baker babies and we're on to BIGGER and wilder adventures.

Like potty training.

Oh! and here's a sneak peak at O's big boy room color scheme. So fun!


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