Thursday, June 21, 2012

VBS 2012

I had all intentions of doing a couple of posts this week, but it has ended up being one of those weeks where I haven't had a chance to come up for air. Shan is traveling and I am flying solo. It's a really big week for my volunteer obligations with Junior League and church, so finding the time to sit down and blog has been tough.

This week is also one of my most favorite weeks of the year. IT'S VBS WEEK at our church!!! The week is filled with positivity, joy, good thoughts, and reminders that we have a loving, mighty, and trustworthy God. Without fail, each year I am moved to tears at some point. Sometimes it's a Bible lesson that gets me, a parent's praise or story of how we have reached their child. Or sometimes it's just watching the children sing at the top of their lungs and dance their hearts out. It is always an emotional time for me!

In the past I have been a crew or activity leader, but this year my friend Sarah asked me to help her chair and I accepted. We recruited some awesome volunteers from our church and friendship circles and they helped us pull off a fabulous week. We truly couldn't have done it without them!

We used the Group Curriculum - "Sky". The theme was about trusting God no matter who, what, when, or where you are. The message was so very simple, yet so profound for these children. I had many parents tell me how excited they were that their children were retaining so much and even better, SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS to their friends and families. It such a good feeling to get that kind of feedback... we are doing our jobs!

In my opinion, the music this year was some of the best in a couple of years. I just love the energy it creates. The children all have their personal favorite tunes and can't wait to hear them each day. My boys ask me to play their favorite tracks on the CD on the way to VBS in the mornings and want me to crank it up as loud as they can tolerate. I love it! It puts me in such a good mood. I wish everyday could be like VBS! I happen to have my own fave... "I'll Fly Away". Only, I like to sing it as obnoxiously soulful as possible. In fact, I had all the boys convinced yesterday that I had previously been in a Gospel choir. They thought that was the coolest thing ever!!! Is that wrong?

Any who, we head to the church for our Family Finale and Dinner tonight and another VBS year will have come and gone. I am grateful for all the volunteers who make this week happen, all the parents who bring their children, and for our Lord who gives us this opportunity to fill their hearts with The Word!


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