Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Happy Rainbow

Here's a peek at my little happy rainbow this week...

Red- my red solo cup

Orange- the orange floating in my cup

Yellow- the yellow bucket filled with shovels and shells used to make lots of memories

Green- these 2 little guys in their green swim suits

Blue- for this awesome hubby in his navy blue swim suit, who provides the opportunity for us to vacation as a family...and of course for the Blue Moon in my solo cup!

Indigo- the indigo colored shirt I stole from Shan to cover my toasty shoulders and the almost indigo colored sky above me!

Violet- for this precious boy standing in front of me telling me about the doozie waves while eating a snack from a violet colored package

We have had such a great week! I can't wait to share more pics. I am so grateful for these 10 glorious days of sun and sand (with just a smidgen of rain), but it's still always sad to see it come to an end!
Vacay post coming soon!
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