Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lemonade stands are for sissies!

Well, the summer is short, but the days are oh-so-long! The pool has now been "over-used" according to Sam. The beach was already visited for 10 days. Away camp for Sam isn't for another 14 days, same as Fulton's day camp. And Oliver, well, poor Oliver is gettin' the shaft this year because the money tree I planted a while back never sprouted. Maybe next year. {Unless his nice grandparents, who probably won't even read this, want to spring for a baby camp for the Ver.} Actually, IMPO, I think the whole "what camps are your boys doing?" has gotten a smidge out of hand. But that's another post!

Any who... Since school got out a little over a month ago, I've been mustering up all kinds of things for these little fellas to do. So what does every mom suffering from an all-time creative low do? She puts them in charge of their entertainment. All I asked was, "ok guys, what do y'all want to do today?" And the answer is exactly what most boys would say...

"LET'S SET UP A TATTOO PARLOR! You know, like a lemonade stand, but with tattoos!"

{This obsession with tattoos goes way back. Seems like we're forever putting tattoos on! See here here here and here}

So I checked my inventory of tattoos. We were good on Lightning McQueen, Batman, and random skulls. But what ever would we do if a little girl stopped by to make a purchase? Crisis!

They wanted to dress in the most appropriate attire, of course - of which we own none - and that lead to the slashing and cutting of old t-shirts to make muscle shirts. I even allowed them to embellish deface them further with skulls, flames, yin-yang symbols, spiders, yin-yang/spider combos, etc, etc. At which point I became the COOLEST mom on the planet!

We made a trip to the dollar store for a few supplies and spent a whopping $3 on some tattoos with roses, fairies, and swirls, some poster paper for a sign, and we were ready for business! They creatively named their business... TATTOO YOU.

And what business would be complete with out some nice relaxing tunes the local classic rock station balring in the background?
And so you have it. It's what we do here in the Acres for hot fun in the summertime!
We are so thankful for all our customers. They made our vision a reality!
If you missed it, don't fret! TATTOO YOU will be open again real soon.


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Bunco Belle said...

Hilarious! My children keep asking when you will be open again. Tell Fulton he is the tatoo man because I do believe the one he gave RA is permanent. She is thrilled.