Thursday, June 07, 2012

Jello: Stir Crazy

What's this?

That's right!
It's red Jello.
Red Jello makes Oliver crazy.
Stir crazy - that is.

He finished his lunch at Muzzy's. He asked for some Jello.
There was one left in the fridge.
To help him manage a little better I gave it to, um...stirred.
He went crazy.
For 20 minutes!
Crying. Screaming. Pouting.
How could I???
I stirred the red Jello!
Who knew it was taboo to stir Oliver's Jello?
By golly! He likes to stir his own Jello!
Oliver's world was upside down at the sight of his Jello all stirred into little pieces.
So what does every good mom who has just broken her child's heart do?
She puts the Jello in the microwave, of course!
She melts the Jello.
She puts it in the freezer for speedy-congealing.
We sat and waited anxiously for it to all be "all fixed up".

And it was.
The Jello and Oliver's world was "all fixed up", as he said!

I can't imagine from where he gets these idiosyncrasies!


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