Friday, June 29, 2012

"Good morning, again!"

I'm typically just a local news kinda gal. I love the WIS news team and enjoy knowing what's happening on my personal home front. National news is important too, but I just don't like all the politickin' these days {is that a word? Maybe?} Not to mention, I really don't have time to sit and watch the news until 11pm when everyone is in bed.

I used to look forward to the nightly news simply for the comfort I found in Tom Brokaw's voice. But he's gone now. It was very soothing to me and I was so sad to "hear" him go. I like Brian Williams and think he's precious, but he's never grown on me as the nightly news guy. I also stopped watching/listening to the broadcast because the content was often too inappropriate for my boys while we were preparing for dinner.

However, I do love the Today show and got into the routine of watching it for mostly entertainment purposes when I was in college getting ready for class. I looked forward to watching it mindlessly and exhausted when I was up early to feed my babies. And now, as I get everyone ready for their days, I have it on in the background just out of habit. Occassionally, my ears will perk up for some good celeb gossip, hot topic, or pressing news. I think it's a good mix of news and entertainment. And it works for me!

For years one of my favorite things about the Today show has been the great quality of Ann Curry's voice saying "good morning, again!", as she turned in her chair to give the recent news updates one more time. Shan and I even got to the point where we'd greet each other in the mornings mimicking her tone and saying "good morning, again". She has pretty much become part of our morning. Kinda like our coffee! I just love her. She is a class act! She's poised, professional, confident, respectable, and so very good at what she does. I love her story and that she has worked so hard to be where she is as a female journalist. She just seems like she's a fun-loving, genuine person who truly cares for others.

This week she was given her walking papers from the Today show cast. Who knows the real story behind NBC's decision! All I know is that her goodbye yesterday got me really choked up. I'm going to miss seeing her in the mornings. In fact, I wasn't very inclined to turn it on this morning. So I didn't.

If you missed it is!

Any who, I'm confident that she will do beautifully in her new position. I'm interested to see how they will use her great talent...and if she can give us a new catch phrase!


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