Friday, June 29, 2012

"Good morning, again!"

I'm typically just a local news kinda gal. I love the WIS news team and enjoy knowing what's happening on my personal home front. National news is important too, but I just don't like all the politickin' these days {is that a word? Maybe?} Not to mention, I really don't have time to sit and watch the news until 11pm when everyone is in bed.

I used to look forward to the nightly news simply for the comfort I found in Tom Brokaw's voice. But he's gone now. It was very soothing to me and I was so sad to "hear" him go. I like Brian Williams and think he's precious, but he's never grown on me as the nightly news guy. I also stopped watching/listening to the broadcast because the content was often too inappropriate for my boys while we were preparing for dinner.

However, I do love the Today show and got into the routine of watching it for mostly entertainment purposes when I was in college getting ready for class. I looked forward to watching it mindlessly and exhausted when I was up early to feed my babies. And now, as I get everyone ready for their days, I have it on in the background just out of habit. Occassionally, my ears will perk up for some good celeb gossip, hot topic, or pressing news. I think it's a good mix of news and entertainment. And it works for me!

For years one of my favorite things about the Today show has been the great quality of Ann Curry's voice saying "good morning, again!", as she turned in her chair to give the recent news updates one more time. Shan and I even got to the point where we'd greet each other in the mornings mimicking her tone and saying "good morning, again". She has pretty much become part of our morning. Kinda like our coffee! I just love her. She is a class act! She's poised, professional, confident, respectable, and so very good at what she does. I love her story and that she has worked so hard to be where she is as a female journalist. She just seems like she's a fun-loving, genuine person who truly cares for others.

This week she was given her walking papers from the Today show cast. Who knows the real story behind NBC's decision! All I know is that her goodbye yesterday got me really choked up. I'm going to miss seeing her in the mornings. In fact, I wasn't very inclined to turn it on this morning. So I didn't.

If you missed it is!

Any who, I'm confident that she will do beautifully in her new position. I'm interested to see how they will use her great talent...and if she can give us a new catch phrase!


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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lemonade stands are for sissies!

Well, the summer is short, but the days are oh-so-long! The pool has now been "over-used" according to Sam. The beach was already visited for 10 days. Away camp for Sam isn't for another 14 days, same as Fulton's day camp. And Oliver, well, poor Oliver is gettin' the shaft this year because the money tree I planted a while back never sprouted. Maybe next year. {Unless his nice grandparents, who probably won't even read this, want to spring for a baby camp for the Ver.} Actually, IMPO, I think the whole "what camps are your boys doing?" has gotten a smidge out of hand. But that's another post!

Any who... Since school got out a little over a month ago, I've been mustering up all kinds of things for these little fellas to do. So what does every mom suffering from an all-time creative low do? She puts them in charge of their entertainment. All I asked was, "ok guys, what do y'all want to do today?" And the answer is exactly what most boys would say...

"LET'S SET UP A TATTOO PARLOR! You know, like a lemonade stand, but with tattoos!"

{This obsession with tattoos goes way back. Seems like we're forever putting tattoos on! See here here here and here}

So I checked my inventory of tattoos. We were good on Lightning McQueen, Batman, and random skulls. But what ever would we do if a little girl stopped by to make a purchase? Crisis!

They wanted to dress in the most appropriate attire, of course - of which we own none - and that lead to the slashing and cutting of old t-shirts to make muscle shirts. I even allowed them to embellish deface them further with skulls, flames, yin-yang symbols, spiders, yin-yang/spider combos, etc, etc. At which point I became the COOLEST mom on the planet!

We made a trip to the dollar store for a few supplies and spent a whopping $3 on some tattoos with roses, fairies, and swirls, some poster paper for a sign, and we were ready for business! They creatively named their business... TATTOO YOU.

And what business would be complete with out some nice relaxing tunes the local classic rock station balring in the background?
And so you have it. It's what we do here in the Acres for hot fun in the summertime!
We are so thankful for all our customers. They made our vision a reality!
If you missed it, don't fret! TATTOO YOU will be open again real soon.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on!

These days Oliver has a whole lotta pep in his step and wiggle in his booty. It seems to be a new way to express his excitement.

Every time he successfully goes to the potty... he shakes his booty.
Anytime he eats something he really likes... he shakes his booty.
Right before he rides his bike... he shakes his booty.

You get the idea.

Oliver shakes it at the pool 

He even shakes it when he eats pineapple!

Maybe we should all shake our booties a little more. I think it'd make the world a happier place.

What do you think?

Y'all have a Booty-Shakin' Good Weekend!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

VBS 2012

I had all intentions of doing a couple of posts this week, but it has ended up being one of those weeks where I haven't had a chance to come up for air. Shan is traveling and I am flying solo. It's a really big week for my volunteer obligations with Junior League and church, so finding the time to sit down and blog has been tough.

This week is also one of my most favorite weeks of the year. IT'S VBS WEEK at our church!!! The week is filled with positivity, joy, good thoughts, and reminders that we have a loving, mighty, and trustworthy God. Without fail, each year I am moved to tears at some point. Sometimes it's a Bible lesson that gets me, a parent's praise or story of how we have reached their child. Or sometimes it's just watching the children sing at the top of their lungs and dance their hearts out. It is always an emotional time for me!

In the past I have been a crew or activity leader, but this year my friend Sarah asked me to help her chair and I accepted. We recruited some awesome volunteers from our church and friendship circles and they helped us pull off a fabulous week. We truly couldn't have done it without them!

We used the Group Curriculum - "Sky". The theme was about trusting God no matter who, what, when, or where you are. The message was so very simple, yet so profound for these children. I had many parents tell me how excited they were that their children were retaining so much and even better, SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS to their friends and families. It such a good feeling to get that kind of feedback... we are doing our jobs!

In my opinion, the music this year was some of the best in a couple of years. I just love the energy it creates. The children all have their personal favorite tunes and can't wait to hear them each day. My boys ask me to play their favorite tracks on the CD on the way to VBS in the mornings and want me to crank it up as loud as they can tolerate. I love it! It puts me in such a good mood. I wish everyday could be like VBS! I happen to have my own fave... "I'll Fly Away". Only, I like to sing it as obnoxiously soulful as possible. In fact, I had all the boys convinced yesterday that I had previously been in a Gospel choir. They thought that was the coolest thing ever!!! Is that wrong?

Any who, we head to the church for our Family Finale and Dinner tonight and another VBS year will have come and gone. I am grateful for all the volunteers who make this week happen, all the parents who bring their children, and for our Lord who gives us this opportunity to fill their hearts with The Word!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Happy Rainbow

Here's a peek at my little happy rainbow this week...

Red- my red solo cup

Orange- the orange floating in my cup

Yellow- the yellow bucket filled with shovels and shells used to make lots of memories

Green- these 2 little guys in their green swim suits

Blue- for this awesome hubby in his navy blue swim suit, who provides the opportunity for us to vacation as a family...and of course for the Blue Moon in my solo cup!

Indigo- the indigo colored shirt I stole from Shan to cover my toasty shoulders and the almost indigo colored sky above me!

Violet- for this precious boy standing in front of me telling me about the doozie waves while eating a snack from a violet colored package

We have had such a great week! I can't wait to share more pics. I am so grateful for these 10 glorious days of sun and sand (with just a smidgen of rain), but it's still always sad to see it come to an end!
Vacay post coming soon!
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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Jello: Stir Crazy

What's this?

That's right!
It's red Jello.
Red Jello makes Oliver crazy.
Stir crazy - that is.

He finished his lunch at Muzzy's. He asked for some Jello.
There was one left in the fridge.
To help him manage a little better I gave it to, um...stirred.
He went crazy.
For 20 minutes!
Crying. Screaming. Pouting.
How could I???
I stirred the red Jello!
Who knew it was taboo to stir Oliver's Jello?
By golly! He likes to stir his own Jello!
Oliver's world was upside down at the sight of his Jello all stirred into little pieces.
So what does every good mom who has just broken her child's heart do?
She puts the Jello in the microwave, of course!
She melts the Jello.
She puts it in the freezer for speedy-congealing.
We sat and waited anxiously for it to all be "all fixed up".

And it was.
The Jello and Oliver's world was "all fixed up", as he said!

I can't imagine from where he gets these idiosyncrasies!


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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Lucky 13!

Some people are superstitious and call thirteen unlucky.
I don't.
Today, I actually consider myself super lucky.
I am celebrating 13 years of marriage to the greatest guy I know.
June 5, 1999

Over these 13 years our lives have changed in ways I couldn't have scripted. We have experienced so many ups and a few downs, all the while, giving thanks that we had each other to lean on every time. The Lord truly is in charge and continues to have great plans for us.

A trip down memory lane and our 13 lucky years together in The Acres!

To celebrate, rumor has it...Shan's making me dinner! While we are on vacay with his family we also plan to put Nana and Papa in charge of our little peeps so we can celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants at the beach. I can't wait!

Happy 13th Anniversary, Shan! I love you more and more each day.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Phone and Picture Dump Friday

It's Phone and Picture Dump Friday!

We spent Memorial Day at Edisto Beach with our sweet friends. It's always a great time and not even the pending tropical storm Beryl stopped our fun.
Edisto Picture Dump...

  1. Shan and the Ver-man taking a dip
  2. He's goin' in!
  3. Fu belly surfing
  4. Precious Mae (11 mos)
  5. Very white men in very girly shades (Shan & Patrick)
  6. The mommas
  7. Baker beach boys
  8. Fu and Ver
  9. Liddy and Newt

Edisto 2:
  1. Sam crabbing
  2. Cheesy Oliver
  3. Mae and Ans
  4. Liddy and Patrick
  5. John and the prize crab
  6. Sittin' on the dock of the creek
  7. The view
  8. Feasting with friends
  9. Oops...Sam crabbin' again
  1. Liddy and Fu
  2. The posse at midnight
  3. The bar managers They named the bar "Jack Daniels"...original huh?
  4. John, Jen, and Natey
  5. Nate and Oliver
  6. Just doin' their job
  7. Cleaning the bar
  8. Sam chill-axin
  9. Veg time
Phone and Instagram dump...

Redneck Koozies, A pretty deer, Ver on the way to the beach, Sam with rib face

My driver, the road to Edisto, the jelly fish, all hail the jelly fish
Sunset on the creek

Cutest waiter ever.

It's been a laid back week. Not much happening on the phone since we got back in town, but here are a few.
There are no words for how much I love this picture. If I could only stop time.
Playing chase with "Linus".

 My Aunt Laynie celebrated her 74th birthday last week. Unfortunately, she was in the hospital. But no matter where she is, nothing changes the fact that she is loved. LOTS!

Ridiculous amount of balloons and cards, beautiful flowers, and a Proverbs 31:25 print I made for her

Thunder and lightning didn't stop these boys at the pool. They still found a way to have a great time.

We looking forward to a great weekend ahead.