Monday, May 28, 2012

Last Week of School (Part 1)

Potato sack races, baton, egg, and bean bag relays, water balloon pass...

What does that make you think of?

Field day, of course!!!

Last Monday was FIELD DAY at S & F's school!!!

And who doesn't love field day?!?

Field day is one of my most fond memories of school. I always loved it! I'm pretty sure my boys have inherited that passion. Sam and Fulton couldn't wait!

Fulton's group, the primary grades, started bright and early at 9:00, before it got too hot.

Sam's group - lower elementary - didn't get started until 11:30...WHOO right when the sun started kicking in.

Nonetheless, they all had a blast. There were tons of parents on hand taking pictures, passing out cold fruit and Popsicles, and refilling water coolers. I was delighted to take part this year and live vicariously through my boys...once again.

The gym teacher is awesome about having all the right props, organization, and most of all...great music. MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Venga Boys, Queen, etc. thoroughly entertained all the parents. The kids loved dancing to all the popular tunes and line dance songs as they waited for their to team race. It brought back a flood of fun memories!

Field day is just another marker that summer is almost here!

Turbeville's Super Stars

 Boozer's Bengals

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