Monday, April 23, 2012

6th Blog-iversary!

It's my 6th Blog-iversary! This past weekend marked 6 years of CTBaker In The Acres (Formerly What's Bakin'?)
I last left you with a Wocket in Ollie's Pocket. And I had all these great plans for celebrating 6 years. They didn't happen...yet. I hope to still do a fun post to commemorate the occasion.

I feel so slack sometimes when I don't blog all those "little moments". I used to be really good at it! But the truth is that back in the day when I first started blogging, I burned the midnight oil...lots. I would stay up late to post all the day's  happenings. I seized those perfectly still and quiet nap-times to jot down a post or two. Quite frankly...I'm too old and tired to blog at night any more and there are no such things as nap-times in our house any more. It's so hard to find the time, but I love blogging!

I love having a journal of sorts for my children to follow in years to come. I love to keep family and friends up to speed with our craziness. I love sharing my projects and creations on the web (although there hasn't been a whole lot of that recently). I find it to be therapeutic and fun, but when I have so much going on it kinda feels like a chore. And I don't want it to be that AT ALL!

I have some 20-something year-old friends who blog for a living...truly. And I admire their dedication. I cannot drag my dead-tired self out of my bed another minute earlier to write a post, not to mention, my brain doesn't begin to function until - oh say - 10:30am-ish. And by that point I am already in the throws of a day-in-the-life-of-a-30-something-mom-of-three-busy-boys. So I hope down the road that my boys don't think..."what happened to mom between 2012 and 201? she got really slack."

I read an article recently, as I had been feeling a tad inadequate as a mom, and it made me feel so much better. {It's right here. Read it!} I felt a sense of peace with my "slackness". I have had so much on my plate lately and it's just catching up with me.

I plan to continue blogging! However, I feel like my cute husband and precious little children need me and more importantly...I NEED ME! So for now, here is a sneak-peek of posts I plan to write (it may take a while), so bear with me.

Coming Soon!!!!...
  • 6 years in review
  • Our great couples Bible study
  • Sam's guitar performance at Sunday School/And recital
  • Easy-Peasy Shoe Tying Lesson (Project)
  • Our family road trip over Spring Break
  • A Beautiful Easter
  • Disney on Ice with precious Oliver
  • Double Dippin' for The Word
  • And various others...
So please stay tuned! I have lots to share.