Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Wocket in my Pocket

Last week, Oliver had a "dress up as your favorite book character day" at preschool. He chose his favorite character from Dr. Seuss's There's a Wocket in my Pocket. Currently, that is his fave. He wanted to be the boy on the cover.
I love how proud they are when they dress up. He woke up and saw his clothes lying out with the "Wocket" I had made. He just beamed!

They did a little parade around the school grounds. And here he comes...with his Wocket in his Pocket.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hamburger Helpers!

Several weeks ago I decided to do a little revamping of our chore system. The previous plan had actually become non-existent and I had just resorted to having temper tantrums to get them to get things done. Not working so well.
I googled chore charts and found a few on Pinterest, but none of them were "new" to me. I wanted something to make them excited about helping and earning a commission.

We are big Dave Ramsey fans. I have mentioned him several times (here, here, and here). Dave suggests paying your children a "commission" rather than an "allowance". Here's his theory: An allowance is kind of a given...not earned. A commission is earned. Then there are don't get paid for those. It makes perfect sense to me.

Our new system covers commissions and responsibilities. There are no handouts in the real world. So why should there be in our home? We have a "PAYDAY" and they are paid only for the work that has been done. We are also teaching them about tithing (Malachi 3:10), so 10% is immediately taken off the top and put in their envelope for church. They're not so fond of that part, but it will make it less painful when they are adults.

Any who...
I took a combo of concepts online (from this blog) and made up my own. I like to call it Hamburger Helpers.

I made it with Popsicle sticks, mod-podge, and magnets. Super easy!

Each burger has a bun; top bun= A.M. Responsibilities and bottom bun= P.M. Responsibilities.
Sam and Fulton each have six sticks making up the burger and condiments. Each stick has a chore (or chores depending on the complexity) and a value of the commission to be paid. There is an A list and B list of chores to be rotated between the 2 big boys. Yes! Ollie has his very own baby burger, since he is only 3, with age-appropriate chores.

So far, so good. There hasn't been any yelling or complaining involved and they really look forward to payday. Who knew Hamburger Helpers could be so good?

If you'd like a copy of the printable Hamburger Helpers to make your own, just leave me a comment below or contact me. I will email it to you! It will have our chores on it, but they are very basic and common household tasks. If the chores don't suit your family contact me through my SHOP and I'll customize one for you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's here!

About every three years, an event so big it could cause everything to come to a screeching halt in our home takes place. We batten down the hatches. Stock up on skittles, juice boxes, Popsicles, stickers, and all kinds of good stuff. We sing crazy songs, make up celebration dances, and put everything else on hold for at least 3 days.

That event is upon us. We are about to embark on our 3rd and final...


Up to this point he has shown ZERO interest in going to the potty. He doesn't care that his big brothers go, friends go, that he'll get treats, or big-boy pants. Not. At. All! So we have waited as long as we feel appropriate. He is three and it's time.

It's going to be an exciting day when Oliver masters this skill. No more buying or changing diapers in the Baker house! But it will also be kinda sad. That's it. We'll be done. We'll have 3 BIG boys in the house. I never thought Potty Training would be bittersweet, but it is.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baloney and Bullets

Happy March, y'all! March? Did I just write that?

I took a little unexpected blogging break. I have been so busy, I haven't had a chance to sit down. I started this post over a week ago and have re-started 3 times now, but I get interrupted or have to race off to do something a few minutes later.

Since I last blogged, this is what's been happening on the home front...

  • The Friday after my last post, I ended up at the pediatrician with a very sick little Ollie-bird. I didn't realize how sick he was at the time, but we left the Dr. with a diagnosis of a double ear-infection and a respiratory infection. He also kept spiking a really high fever over the next few days. Fever just makes me nervous, even though it can get really high and still be "ok".
On Friday he looked like this...

And thanks to some TLC, really good meds, and an awesome pediatrician who I can call ANYtime, he looked like this by Monday...

  • While nursing Ollie back to himself, I also helped style a really cute pink and green party for Just Ask Beth. Sorry! I was too busy to take any better pictures...the iphone is as good as it gets this time.

I am currently just finished working on her other daughter's Savings Account 9th birthday party. Cute idea! Here's a sneak peek...

  • On the 26th of February, Shannon and I started a very intense 6 week couples bible study {I'll fill you in on that in another post}. That same evening, immediately after our first meeting, I took Shan to the airport to catch a flight to Virginia for the week. That is when I realized that I needed to be VERY well-read with The Word. I began praying for strength...lots! I can't stand it when he's gone more than a few days. I know, I sound like a wimp to all you mommas who do it all the time, but I can't help it!!! I have a SUPER husband who helps me do so much and I really miss him when he's gone. It was kind of nice to have our Bible study homework to discuss over the phone versus our usual {How was your day? Ok. Yours? Good. I miss you. I miss you too.} conversation. I kept myself very busy while he was gone. Unfortunately, house-work was not one of the areas. Working from home is a huge challenge, but to work from home with a 3 year-old underfoot and being a single parent it CAH-RAZY. That whole week the house truly looked like a bomb went off. I so wish I had taken pictures! It was pretty sad.

  • The explosion in my house was partly because, about two three weeks ago I opened the Invitation section of my Etsy store. I was anticipating an order here and an order there, but HOLY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR!!! My dining room turned into a print and packaging shop! I am truly thankful!
This is what most of my weekdays have looked like...

Running to and from the post office several times a week is the most challenging...

But thank goodness for good EMPLOYEES! And I pay them in yogurt from 32 Degrees!
  • Last week Two weeks ago was also deadline week for the school's auction. I have donated all the graphics for the auction and it seems that everything was due to be finalized last week. I have done the save the date card, invitation, bid book, and promotional poster, as well as donate a party package to go along with Fulton's class project. You can view our bid book here...

  • Last week Two weeks ago was also book report week for Sam and Fulton! Sam did a biography on Michael Jordan and Fulton did a Dr.Seuss report on "What Was I Scared Of?".  And they were BOTH due on the same day. And of course it was while Shan was out of town. But we pulled it off thanks to Muzzy! We tag-teamed and got it done...I worked with Sam and she worked with Fulton.
  • Shan made it home safe and sound late that Friday night and we enjoyed a rainy Saturday with no obligations. It helped us get back on the same page and ready for the upcoming week.
  • On that Sunday, we had Sam's basketball trophy ceremony and team party. Those boys worked very hard this year and came a LONG way. I am looking forward to seeing how much they grow; both physically and in their basketball skills in the next year. Shannon was as great of a coach as I thought he'd be and truly loved every minute of the season.

 He IS his father's son

 St. John's 3rd Grade Boys

 Quite the characters!!!

Love this! We've been waiting on this day for 9 years. Shan has always dreamed of coaching his boys in his favorite sport.
Proud Sam!
  • Last week, my little Fu-bird had some dental work done and wins the award for the BEST 6 Y.O. PATIENT EVER. I think I could learn a lot from this little guy. He is trusting, brave, and rarely complains when he is sick or in discomfort. He knows that the Drs. are just trying to help and never flinches...even when there are blood-curdling screams from the child in the room next door. I don't know how that doesn't bother him because it drives me crazy and I'm not the one in the chair or on the table!

  •  Then on top of all that...Baseball season has begun! We have a T-baller and a Kids-Pitcher and have, yet again, taken up residence at the ball field.

  • Tonight is my 2012 Holiday Market kick-off meeting. I cannot believe it! Didn't I just write a post on the market?
So that's that! Be on the look out for some more updates. Hopefully, it won't take me 3 weeks to post again!