Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Days 5 & 6, What I Wore, and Other Tragedies

Days 5 & 6 were a bust, as far as artsy, craftsy, and valentinesy. I was showing my love by playing nurse-maid and trying to keep everyone happy.
Saturday evening (just before making our snack mix for movie night) I texted my pediatrician and told her that I was worried about Sam and his terrible cough. He would have spells so bad that he would throw up. She was out of town and suggested we go to the pediatric after hours office. For those of you in my neck of the woods, it's a fantastic resource in a pinch.

Any who. Shan took him. I was suspecting the flu, but they said no flu...just a bad virus and he should be better by Monday. We dosed him up after our movie night and crossed our fingers that he'd be better Sunday.

He was not.

He just got worse on Sunday. No appetite, no energy, terrible coughing spells, etc. So I took him back to the doctor on Monday (4th Dr's visit in a week; excluding mine for a sinus infection).

Well, we opened the door and IN FLEW ENZA! ---Sorry, that's my dad's corny joke. But I had to use it!--- After 3 finger sticks to get enough blood for a CBC, some Phenergan for coughing spells {who knew?}, and a breathing treatment, we had a diagnosis. The flu.

Poor Sam. Thankfully, he rested very well last night and I'm hoping he perks up soon {and that no one else gets it}.

So my 14 lovely days got a little curtailed. But I plan to redeem myself today; we're making cupcakes!

On to What I Wore.

For those of you who follow blogs, you know there are some bloggers out there who do weekly  segments called "What I Wore." While I love checking out their latest get-ups, I'm thinkin' I could never do that! No one really cares about my 6 year-old jeans, 2 year-old Target sweater, and gym clothes. I'd love to be fashionable enough to blog on my outfits, but I'm not.

Saturday, I was in frump mode so bad. I'd been home bound all day taking care of little people and trying to get caught up on housework that had been neglected. I was feeling oh-so-pretty when my mom stopped by. We chuckled at the idea of me blogging "what I wore".

So I am. In hopes that some of my 5 readers can relate to days like this!

So here's the moment you've all been waiting for...the "What I Wore" debut!

Let's go top to bottom. Shall we?

Glasses: AriStar circa '00 --- perfect for sleeping in and wearing around the house; Top: 2009 USMC Mud Run "trophy" shirt --- greatest and dumbest thing I've ever done all at one time; Pants: Merona {they don't even sell that brand anymore, I don't think} from Target with hole in right thigh, possibly from over bleaching; Shoes: Leopard Isotoner slippers c/o my hubby and boys for Christmas

I look GOOD! Don't I?

So next time you're feeling frumpy...just tune in and remind yourself that you could look like this!

Needless to say, getting showered and ready for my solo trip to church on Sunday made me feel like a new woman!

More later with Day 7!



Anonymous said...

Love it! Merona pants are so stylish. Glad Sam got some rest. That's just what he needs. Hopefully he'll be on the upswing today!
God Bless you, girl. You're a great MOM! Mutz

Heather Holt said...

Love this. Perhaps after a few "What I wore" posts, you can ask your 5 readers to send in their own "what I wore" pics and start a "Who Wore it Best" or even more entertaining..."B Stole My Look!"

Anonymous said...

I started crying I was laughing so hard at “what I wore”.  Sadly I would be too embarrassed to do the one for me because I am supposed to be professional in an office each day but seldom does a day go by when I don’t show up and realize a tear, stain, or spit of some kinds on my merona (they seriously don’t make that any more?!) brand clothes.
Thanks for that,

Anonymous said...

At least u got out of your pajamas...my frump days are usually pj's ALL day :( which is many a Saturday...


Jeni Miller said...

Sugar, your are ROCKING that outfit (and glasses). It's the smile and smart humor sense that keeps you g(l)o(w)ing when in survival mode (i.e. sick kiddo mode). Good healing thoughts to Sam and, as always, hugs to you!

Jeni Miller said...

Oh, LOOK-- that makes FIVE! heehee

Anonymous said...

Claudia-your pic and comments seriously almost made me tee tee in my jammies! Beth