Saturday, February 04, 2012

14 Lovely Days: Days 3 & 4

Well, I thought we had kinda turned a corner as S and F were well enough to go to school on Friday. But Ollie was still not up to par so he stayed home with me again. Then I woke up with a ferocius sinus headache and decided to go to the doctor myself before we got into the weekend. I had been duking out a terrible cold for a few days, but it was getting worse and I knew I needed to nip it ASAP.

Any who... S had a sleep-over birthday to go to on Friday night. I must have asked him 200 times if he felt well enough to go. Every time he'd say "YES-AH! I'm fine." So I reluctantly took him to the party with the dry hacking cough and warned the parents (who are both physicians) of his condition. They said not to worry that he'd be fine and assured me they'd take good care of him. Well Sam returned home about 10 a.m. today and looked horrible. He said he was just tired so he went to lie down. Fast forward a couple of hours...Sam's got a temp of 101.2! UUUUHHHHG!!!! Ironically, the birthday boy's mom texted Shan (a.k.a Coach Baker) in regards to the basketball game this afternoon and reported that Evan would not be there because he had a temp of 101 too. So I'm sure they love the Baker family right about now!

We survived another homebound afternoon. I can't wait to go to church in the morning! By myself!!!!

Okay so yesterday was Day 3 of my scheduled random acts...

We live in a "vintage" house and we have an original exterior door on the interior, so it has panes. I left them each an "I love you because..." note on the door to the den. It's a great spot because they can see it as soon as they come down the stairs...

Today was Day 4.

I've seen lot of cute ideas for Valentine's snack mixes online. We made our own concoction today. Each of them got to fill their own bag so they could have it for our movie night. It was a super quick activity.

We used a mixture of regular cheerios and frosted cheerios, marshmallows, and M&M's. I thought about adding some craisins to it after the fact. I also saw one with dried strawberries and pretzles! They would have been good in there too.

Ours was the one over at JIAD and they loved it!

Poor sick little Sam with his empty bag before we started.
Fu scooping his Cheerios.
Ollie sneaking a bite.
I had a card that read on the outside... I {heart} you so much...
That you get me all mixed up!
Perfect snack for movie night!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you made me a bag of snacks! Looks delicious! Wish I had it right now! The Mutz!

Unknown said...

About the little one wanting to go to the party i was the same as a kid didnot want to miss out... spend three days after the party in bed sick then found out that three of the othet kids got sick