Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ollie turns 3!!!!

It's so hard to believe that this precious chunk of love, born with black hair and just shy of  9 pounds just turned THREE!

January 15, 2009
Oliver Shannon Baker

I just want to kiss those cheeks and snuggle with that sweet baby one more time!!!

You're getting big so fast!
I cannot begin to tell you how much joy he has brought to our family.

Here's Oliver at 3...
Personality: He is spunky, sassy, feisty, and so incredibly sweet. He listens very well and minds the guidance we give him. He is helpful and compassionate. I have been told by his preschool teacher and several others that they are amazed by his good southern-boy manners. He's not so fond of sharing, but he's learning.

Toys: His favorite things are his set of Cars2 cars and racetrack, monster trucks, and Toy Story figures

Activities: His scooter! He loves his scooter that Santa brought. He'd ride it all day if I let him. His big brothers...he loves any chance he gets to play with them. Coloring and painting with watercolors seems to be a new fave too.

Foods: He really likes Mexican, but if he had his druthers, he'd eat breakfast food all day long! He loves chocolate milk  and sweet tea!

Friends: He loves all his buddies, but his best bud is Hampton "Hanton" Dubose. He is the younger brother of one of Fulton's BFF's. They are so precious together!!

Books: Snowy Olie and There's a Wocket in My Pocket

Sam and Fulton continue to be the best big brothers to him. They all look forward to seeing each other when we get S & F from school. Oliver just lights up the second they get in the car!

He was really in to Snowmen and Santa this year. And when I asked him what kind of party he wanted, he said a "snowy rollie party" (after the book he loves). Since he's a January baby, that wasn't that hard to pull off.

We had a family-style party with family and friends who are close to Oliver. It was great fun and the kids had a blast! We had a snow party indeed... we had a {styrofoam} snow-ball fight, we made it snow in the den with packing peanuts, there was a delicious hot chocolate bar that was the BIGGEST hit, and marshmallow snowman party favors. We had a yummy pizza supper with a big salad and ambrosia. Even though it was pretty chilly out, the kids bundled up and played the entire time. They didn't seem to mind at all.

For his actual birthday, on Sunday, we took him to his place of choice for lunch. Then later that evening, mom and dad had us over for burgers and a chocolate chip cookie sundae! I think it's safe to say that he was well celebrated and had a great birthday!

Here are a few {thousand}pics...

The invites
Yummy cupcakes!
Edible snowman favors

Kiddie table centerpiece
Hot chocolate bar toppings
Thumbprint mat and snowman favors
My 75% off Hobby Lobby Snowman
Another kiddie table centerpiece
Hot Chocolate bar...prior to filling the pitcher
Tissue Poms
The traditional thumbprint mat that you've seen a thousand times...but I love it!
My cute snowman wreath
We frosted and snowed the door
Jack and Newt
The Birthday Boy
Carson and Sam
Sweet Thompson taking a break from the "Snow Ball" fight
Yummy salad and ambrosia to go with our pizza
Mom and Robin guarding the food
Kiddie Table 1
Kiddie Table 2
The Griers and sweet baby Mae
Nate and Henry grabbing some grub
Parker was such a good sport as the only teen amongst the youngsters
Chow time!
I got mobbed at the hot chocolate bar! It was a HUGE hit!!!
Sam...he takes his with a heap of chocolate chips, 2 peppermints, a few marshmallows, a double shot of whip cream, and a dash of cinnamon
Hampton's hot proud!
Oliver and 2 old men in a coffee shop enjoying their hot chocolate
Ted and Patrick convo at the kiddie tables
Dr. Ted showing off his pickin' skills
Oliver and his BFF, Hampton.
Happy Birthday to Ollie! Sam was kind enough to strum along on his guitar as we sang to Oliver. Precious!
Hampton and Oliver trying to open the heavy present
Personalized car mat made by Muzzy and Boppa...I don't know who loves it more---me or Ollie!
Oh yes we did! We had a (packing peanut) snow storm in the den.
Thanks to my friend Sazy at Cottage & Vine for the peanuts!!!
Ollie playing on his mat post-party amidst the blizzard
The snow plow stopped by the house
 Singing Happy Birthday 1 more time

 Presents from Mommy and Daddy
 Sam and Fulton LOVE present time too
 Ok! Share with your little brother guys!
Happy Birthday, sweet Ollie-Bird! We love you more than you could ever imagine!!!


just ask beth said...

So have missed your calling as a birthday planner!! Not too late! Love the salad with 1 million croutons! Yum!! You are the bomb as a mom, because those peanuts would NOT be within 100 miles of my house!! LOL! You can tell I have girls!

Anonymous said...

Claudia , you are so smart & a great mother !