Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday faves

I love the holidays and all the hustling and bustling. We always have fun parties to attend, special artwork and projects coming home with the boys, and great traditions. Over the years I have really started looking forward to several things - from decorations and sweet treats to special events and people. I thought I'd share them with you!

(in no particular order)


My momma is to blame for this seasonal addiction. They only come around this time of year down south. It's probably a good thing. In recent years she introduced these to me. If you've never had them...RUN to the nearest grocery store and buy all of them (unless it's my grocery store---I've already bought them all.)

The JLC Holiday Market

Read all about it here and here

My Ceramic Christmas Tree

This little ceramic tree was made by my Grandmother's (my mom's mom) hands. A few years after she passed away, my momma gave it to me. I couldn't be more delighted to have it. It's such a treasure!


I write a post on this every year! So if you've been following me for a while, you know how much I love to make these, eat these, and give them as gifts! It is a very special Italian tradition started by my Great-Grandmother (my dad's grand-mother) many moons ago. We haven't had our Biscotti day this year, but we'll probably do it this week some time. YAY! I love passing this tradition on to a fifth generation with my boys.

My Tree

I. Love. My. Tree. Every. Year.
We spend hours trying to find the perfect tree. It's kinda like Goldilocks and the three bears. {Maybe that'll be my next pot to put my hand in... Goldilocks and the Four Bears- a Christmas story!} I love decorating it. I love driving up and seeing it twinkle through my front window. I love sitting in the LR at night by the light of it. It's truly one of my favorite things of the entire year. We leave it up as long as possible; until the Epiphany (January 6). I'm always sad to see it go and my house looks so bare without it. If there are any decorators out there who can tell me how to fill my void year-round...I'd love the advice.

The 30+ year-old plastic musical bells at my mom and dad's

These have been a favorite in our family for ages. They will not die! My brothers and I wait in great anticipation for their annual appearance. My mom posted a video of them last year on FB. (If you're my FB friend you can view it here.) It was hilarious. If I can get my hands on the video...I'll add it to this post. Yes! We are aware that they are completely out of tune and don't even resemble half the songs they're supposed to be playing, but that's why we love them.

The Bunco Christmas Party

 The Girls
Shannon H., Shannon K., Mason, Me, Ellen, Jen, Ansley, Marie, & Allison (We were missing Darby and Leigh)
The Boys
Tommy, Jimmy, Steven, Chad, Patrick, Shan, Lindsay, & Brian (Minus John, Malcolm, and Patrick)
Have I ever mentioned all the good cooks in the bunch??? What a spread!

There are many a-posts on this blog about my bunco girls and how much I love them {and their husbands}. One thing is for sure, with this group, there is NEVER a dull moment. I am so thankful for them!

The Saluda Shoals Lights on the River

Worth. Every. Dime
We have blast every year as we ride through the miles of beautiful lights with our hot chocolate and Christmas tunes in the background. The oooos and ahhhhhs of children young and old are the best part!

St. John's Christmas Pageant and Christmas Eve Service

 Sam 2009

The pageant- It's short and sweet with little to no frills, but it lights up my Christmas Eve every year. The voices of the children reading and singing brings joyful tears to my eyes. I love hearing them deliver God's word.

The Christmas Eve Service- It's breath-taking, up-lifting, and awesome. I am ALWAYS moved to tears by the carols and hymns. I feel an amazing sense of peace, calmness, and gratitude. With all the holiday drama and craziness, it's easy to lose sight of the true reason we celebrate, but that service brings me back. I am so grateful for it!

We are so blessed with with so many fun traditions and special opportunities to make memories with our boys. I love that I grew up in a very tradition-oriented family, so that I can pass it on.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

My favorites are watching the lights, spending time with family you don't see often, Christmas movies and seeing the magic of Christmas in the kid's eyes on Christmas morning.

Stephanie said...

I have not tried Mallomars but they look delicious! I have a ceramic Christmas tree just like yours -- it was my grandmothers and I inherited it after she passed away. I love it!