Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Bullet Time

So, my poor neglected blog has just been floating lifelessly in the blogesphere.
October is such a "bloggable" month for the Bakers. November...not so much. Recently, we (I) have been super busy. The best way to catch you up is with here we go.

  • Fulton finished soccer season...Go Rockets! And a huge Thank You to his great coaches, Coach Brandon & Coach Barker.
  • It's Christmas Card season over at ctbaker a word---CRAZY! But I love it! I'll be posting more info this week on 2 different ordering options.
  • I got to go on another field trip with Fulton's class to see the Princess and the Frog ballet at a local high school. It was fantastic! I got to see two bloggie friends' (Ashley and Beth) little girls dance. And they were beautiful! It made me want to relive my days on how I miss it {sometimes}.
  • The 2011 JLC HOLIDAY MARKET is almost here, which means I have been busy, busy, busy with meetings and preparations for the Personnel office.
  • We're painting the Living room. We've gone from a pale green which I've been looking at for 7 years to a great darker-appley-green. I have a pink sofa and have struggled with whether or not to recover it.'s cheaper to paint than recover so the walls are getting a face lift. I also painted the Smurf-blue yard sale dresser. I'll post on that soon too.
  • We took Ollie-bird to his very first USC football game. He had a blast with Sam and Fulton showing him the "ropes" before, during, and after the game. He held out until well into the 4th quarter. I could tell he was getting restless when he said at the end of the 3rd quarter..."Mommy, I'm done" Me: "With what, hon?" Oliver: "Da Gay-cocks, Mommy." He lasted a lot longer than I thought. But we made great memories that day.

Any who... That's where we've been and where we are. I'm soooooo looking forward to this week and celebrating Thanksgiving, picking out a Christmas tree, and moving into the Cantey Building for the Holiday Market.

{Lots}More to come...

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