Sunday, November 06, 2011

Forget-me-not Friday on Sunday

This is the wallpaper in my bathroom...

I share this with you because...

As I was taking a shower Friday, my little friend Oliver, who follows me everywhere was standing in the bathroom chattering, just as he always does. He was asking himself questions AND answering himself over and over like this---

Horsey scare me? Noooooooo
Doggie scare me? Noooooooo
"Squir" (squirrel) scare me? Noooooooo

So I joined in with his answers, having no clue where he's going with this.

"Lion King" scare me? Noooooooo
Tiger (it's a cheetah) scare me? Noooooooo

I continue playing along.

Birdie (it's a peacock) scare me? Noooooooo
Ducks (they're geese) scare me? Noooooooo

Wondering when this will end and why he's naming all these animals and the lion king, I poked my head out of the shower and saw him staring at the wallpaper and pointing out the animals. I just sat back and listened to him re-name several until he said---

Monkey scare me? (Long pause) Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss!

I guess we won't be potty training in that bathroom!

Love him! Could truly eat him with a spoon!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Love him, the wascally wabbit! CpT

bevy said...

Monkeys kind of scare me too... Smart Oliver!