Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Photo Cards are Here!!!

It took me a while due to a few bumps in the road, but I made it just in time for the HOLIDAY season.
Here are the 2011 Holiday Cards by CTBaker Designs.

Remember, custom designs are available too and the rest of the collection can be seen in our shop!


(exponent number can change)

 A Child is born

Classic Christmas 

Colorful Christmas 



(available in your team colors at no additional charge)


 Joy to the world

 Laughing all the way

 Christmas Cloud

 Merry Little Christmas


Wonderful Life

 Joy & Happiness


Happy Always

There are 2 ordering options this year...
  1. You Print: Add your design to your cart here, then select your quantity here, and I'll send you a high-res jpeg to print at the photo lab of your choice (Wal-mart, Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid, Ritz, etc.) For your convenience I have size A7 envelopes available here in the event that you need them.
  2. I Print: Add your design to your cart here and I'll send you a proof before printing your cards. Once you approve, I'll print them and ship them along with envelopes to you. (If you're local, you can contact me about pick-up.)
For pricing and to see the rest of our collection, visit our shop. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Giving Thanks...Again!

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine started out great! Wednesday night I hosted a few of my favorite girlfriends for an impromptu reunion for our friend Leigh, who moved away this summer. It's always a good time when I'm around those girls!

Thursday, Thanksgiving day, I woke up to the smell of blueberry muffins and a little voice {Sam}, saying "mommy, the parade is about to start. You don't want to miss it." I was so excited...they let me sleep until 8:50 AND breakfast was ready!!! What?!?!

I proceeded downstairs with a terrible "runner's cramp" in my stomach, which I thought was weird because I certainly had not been running. I started my food for thanksgiving lunch and we watched the parade. I did my usual kick-line with the Rocketts and I sang and danced along with all the broadway stars, living vicariously through them.

Fast forward to lunch at my mom's. We usually go to the lake with Shan's family for thanksgiving lunch, but we haven't for two years now. Last year our plans changed suddenly when my poor mom was sent to the ER with terrible vertigo. This year we elected not to go because I wanted to help my mom, who has had a particularly awful year health-wise and my aunt Laynie who has not been well either. I even offered to host, but was quickly shot-down. My mom and her 2 sisters pull ALL the weight on holidays and I wanted to make sure they had some help this year. Although, I ended up not being a whole lot of help because of that dumb cramp. It was a no-fine-china packed house...28 to be exact.

Any who! We wrapped up a great lunch and visit with mom's family and headed to the lake to spend the night with Shan's parents. Our plan was to visit, put the boys down, and head out for Black Friday sales. But I just did not feel know, with that cramp. So I went to bed myself at NINE:THIRTY. When do I ever do that? By 10:00pm I was giving thanks for the toilet my head was in and the sweet husband holding my hair.

That cramp...was a stomach virus! I spent all day Friday in bed. No shopping for me! All of our fun black Friday plans had been foiled. I was so bummed!

The picture I posted above says Gobble til you Wobble. I think this year it should have more appropriately said "Snarf til you Barf." On one hand I was thankful that I got to eat my feast before I got sick. On the other hand ... Let's just say it's a lot better going down. Ewwww!!!

Here's to wishing all of you a great rest of the weekend and kick-off to the Christmas holidays. And to those of you watching the big game tonight...Go COCKS!!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks!

I am so thankful for my boys' schools and all they provide them. Each morning when I send them off I know they are in good hands.
Oliver is in a preschool that we have been a part of for 10 years now, since I worked there when I was pregnant with Sam. They know us very well and have always taken the best care of my children. I have referred to it as "The Jesus Bubble" for years. It's this safe, sweet little place and I can feel God's presence there.

Sam and Fulton attend a Montessori school. We have been there for 3 years and have LOVED every minute. We can count on them to cover all the bases with their education. They always manage to slip life-skills and character education in some way, some how. I feel like they not only take care of them academically, they take care of their character as well. There is no arrogance and they are taught to appreciate everyone, even if they differ in other aspects of their lives. I love that the values my boys learn at home are also being taught in their school.

Getting close to the holidays there are always some extra special activities going on. Just yesterday, Oliver's class had their Thanksgiving party. And just like most preschools, they bring home the sweetest things. I love PRESCHOOL! He had a little hand print turkey place mat with scripture on it and he had made his Indian head-dress. Here's Chief Oliver...

 My friend Katie and I are the homeroom moms for Fulton's class. We spent the morning making Cornucopias {posted here a while back} and Fingerprint turkeys. They all turned out soooo cute and the kids loved making their own "horn of plenty".

Sam and his classmates are the lucky ducks, though. Today they are headed to the ballet...The Nutcracker! I really wanted to chaperone, but due to budget cuts they were limited as to how many people could go. Sam has never been to a ballet. He's been to recitals and plays, but never a ballet. Last night in a conversation with him, I asked him if he wanted to wear his cute hot chocolate shirt. He said, "no ma'am. We are going to a ballet and we have to look our best." LOVE IT! I asked him what he wanted to wear and he said he thought he should wear his navy blue blazer and a bow tie.
He did. And he looked so adorable handsome! My Dapper Sam...

Any who...I'm so thankful for what their schools offer them. I feel like God has truly blessed us with the best educational opportunities for our family.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Bullet Time

So, my poor neglected blog has just been floating lifelessly in the blogesphere.
October is such a "bloggable" month for the Bakers. November...not so much. Recently, we (I) have been super busy. The best way to catch you up is with here we go.

  • Fulton finished soccer season...Go Rockets! And a huge Thank You to his great coaches, Coach Brandon & Coach Barker.
  • It's Christmas Card season over at ctbaker a word---CRAZY! But I love it! I'll be posting more info this week on 2 different ordering options.
  • I got to go on another field trip with Fulton's class to see the Princess and the Frog ballet at a local high school. It was fantastic! I got to see two bloggie friends' (Ashley and Beth) little girls dance. And they were beautiful! It made me want to relive my days on how I miss it {sometimes}.
  • The 2011 JLC HOLIDAY MARKET is almost here, which means I have been busy, busy, busy with meetings and preparations for the Personnel office.
  • We're painting the Living room. We've gone from a pale green which I've been looking at for 7 years to a great darker-appley-green. I have a pink sofa and have struggled with whether or not to recover it.'s cheaper to paint than recover so the walls are getting a face lift. I also painted the Smurf-blue yard sale dresser. I'll post on that soon too.
  • We took Ollie-bird to his very first USC football game. He had a blast with Sam and Fulton showing him the "ropes" before, during, and after the game. He held out until well into the 4th quarter. I could tell he was getting restless when he said at the end of the 3rd quarter..."Mommy, I'm done" Me: "With what, hon?" Oliver: "Da Gay-cocks, Mommy." He lasted a lot longer than I thought. But we made great memories that day.

Any who... That's where we've been and where we are. I'm soooooo looking forward to this week and celebrating Thanksgiving, picking out a Christmas tree, and moving into the Cantey Building for the Holiday Market.

{Lots}More to come...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Free THANKSGIVING Printable!

Go get it!!!
There's a free thanksgiving printable at!
Print a few for yourself and someone else!
Happy Monday, folks!

CTBaker Designs: Giving Thanks: It's been a VERY busy fall; LOTS of fun parties to help clients style, cute invites to design, and getting ready for the Christmas card rus...

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Forget-me-not Friday on Sunday

This is the wallpaper in my bathroom...

I share this with you because...

As I was taking a shower Friday, my little friend Oliver, who follows me everywhere was standing in the bathroom chattering, just as he always does. He was asking himself questions AND answering himself over and over like this---

Horsey scare me? Noooooooo
Doggie scare me? Noooooooo
"Squir" (squirrel) scare me? Noooooooo

So I joined in with his answers, having no clue where he's going with this.

"Lion King" scare me? Noooooooo
Tiger (it's a cheetah) scare me? Noooooooo

I continue playing along.

Birdie (it's a peacock) scare me? Noooooooo
Ducks (they're geese) scare me? Noooooooo

Wondering when this will end and why he's naming all these animals and the lion king, I poked my head out of the shower and saw him staring at the wallpaper and pointing out the animals. I just sat back and listened to him re-name several until he said---

Monkey scare me? (Long pause) Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss!

I guess we won't be potty training in that bathroom!

Love him! Could truly eat him with a spoon!!!!

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Happy Halloween in The Acres

Happy Halloween from the Bakers!!!

Papa Smurf and Smurfette

Little Mummies

Monday morning I "liked" a friend's FB status who said it best...Halloween seems to have been going on for days! I loooove Halloween, but we have truly been celebrating since Friday! We went to the annual Pine Island Carnival that Shan's parents take us to every year. It was FREEZING this year, and sprinkling rain. But we still made the best of it. I totally forgot my camera so I only snapped a few pics from my iphone.

Mummies in the Mist!

Fun with Cousins...Madeline-The Sweet Fairy and Kirstin-Progressive's Flo

Cotton Candy!!!
Sam and Kirstin getting ready to ride!

Did I really put my 9 year old on that ride!!!!

The boys got their cotton candy, popcorn, candy, etc. and rode several rides and went on the haunted hayride that they have a love-hate relationship with. It's a wonderful Halloween tradition that we look forward to every year and even with the misty rain and cold night we still had our usual great time!

Saturday was low key but Halloween-y, as the boys attended a party with some buddies at the Kvam's house. I sent Shannon with them, so of course I didn't get any pics...;-)! I got the house and porch all ready for Sunday with final spooky touches and mended their costumes from the wear and tear on Friday night. We made some Halloween cupcakes and all huddled up on the chilly night and watched {most of} the Carolina game together.

Sunday, before church I whipped up a fantastic batch of Pumpkin Waffles with Black Cinnamon Syrup. Yum! Such a nice fall treat and a great start to a wonderful day.

After church, I spent the day getting ready for our 1st EVER FAN Halloween Parade that my mom and I organized. You can read about it here. 
I made a big ol pot of chili and corn muffins for us to have after the parade. It was so chilly out and it hit the spot!
With the great weather and all the Halloween festivities and traditions, it was a perfect fall weekend!
Monday was as busy as ever, as I went on Fu's class field trip, finished our Smurf costumes, and got the boys all ready for the neighborhood party and trick-or-treating.
Here's Halloween night in photos.

Mummies "in character"

Our first trick-or-treat house-our awesome neighbor, Netta

All the neighborhood kids

Headed out on Dr. Ted's Haunted Hayride

Ollie with his BFF Hampton

Lilly and Ted as Princess Peach and the Mushroom
Their boys were Mario and Luigi
Fulton's turn to ride the hay

The dressed-up adults

Uuuummm how does this glow stick work?

Sam digging into his loot...already
Fulton and his buddy Thompson

Oliver's got the hang of it!

Takin' a break for a little snack

Last stop...Muzzy's!

It has been NON-STOP for days!
I am glad we can check all that off! Ready to move ahead...Maybe it's the Christmas commercials that are already on. Hmmm?