Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a wonderful... (Sam's Birthday Part 2)

Birthday Weekend for Sam!

It was an incredible birthday weekend for my sweet Sambo! It all started with a bang Thursday evening. We were able to have his party on Thursday night because they were out of school on Friday. Sam had been asking for a rock-n-roll party for a while. When Fulton got his karaoke machine for his birthday a month ago, Sam decided to make it a rock-n-roll karaoke party. It actually turned out well for a "thrown together" event, as I was late planning. It doesn't hurt that I have a musician for a dad either.

Of all the parties we've had, this one ranks up there with the Biker Bash for Fulton's 4th. I loved it and so did the kids. I think my mom said it best...in their 9 year-old heads they REALLY are ROCK STARS! That's what made it so much fun.

So on with the show!

Setting the stage...

Fill your own SWAG-BAG favor table...

ROCK STAR munchies...

Practice round begins...

 Taking a break for some grub...

 Back to the stage...

The 1st cut

The making of ROCK STARS...

 (I love Ollie with his glasses on upside down...what a trend setter)

 Charlie likes glitter

Sam goes black (actually grey on blond hair)

Taking care of business like a true stage mom! I love the girls' faces

Tattoo time...

Me and my Rock Star!

 The girls take to the stage for a little duet

 The Gang's All Here!

And it was all good UNTIL...

 The rain came and moved our festivities inside

 But it didn't stop us!

 The show must go on!!!
And it did as the parents and siblings joined us for the talent show!


Sam and Will wanted to show off their guitar lessons

Happy NINTH Birthday, ROCK STAR!
 Thanks for all the joy you bring us. We love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Nothing is better than a toothless rockstar! Love the video...I love my Samboritzsky!!! Great party, Claudia!

Heidi said...

What a CREATIVE party! You did an awesome job, love all the details!