Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thursday Randomness

While none of this post will change your life, it just might give you the peek inside our lives that you've always wanted!

Not really, but any who...

I've got that fresh from the dentist feeling!!!
I got an A+++ at my check up today. The hubster, not so much! (shame, shame) He has to have a cavity filled and HIS WISDOM TEETH PULLED! Didn't we all do that back in the 90's.
He's so 2000-and-late! ;-)

I mailed this cuteness today to a great client in Charleston. Gotta love the easy-breezy people who appreciate your work! Thanks, Connie!

I spent a little time this morning finalizing the plans for this fun fabric in my den. The den went from butter yellow to a pale blue this summer. I've actually had the fabric a while, just haven't known what to do with it. I used some of it for this project already.

I'm helping a client style her son's 1st birthday party. FUN!!! Can you guess the theme?

After carpool, I had a date with the Testosterone Posse at Yummilicious!!!

Ollie thinks it's good to the last drop!

In other randomness... if you haven't seen this, it's like the new break dancing. My Aunt Laynie introduced me to this video last weekend and I love it! My boys and I keep going back to watch it because Pumped Up Kicks just happens to be one of our current favorite songs! Check it out!

Now, we're off to get ready for our Thurday night baseball game, followed by Rooftop Rhythms in "The Acres"!!!


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Heidi said...

YEAH for the dentist visit! That's music to my ears when I get an A+ from them! Good luck to your hubby, my wisdom teeth pulling experience was quite painful... But I'm a whimp!